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Girl Dog Names Beginning with G

By Janice Jones  | Last Updated January 29, 2020

Here is the list of Girl Dog Names Beginning with G

Cute Girl Dog Names Beginning with G

  • Gabby - (Gaby) meaning nosy
  • Gada - Hebrew for Lucky
  • Gaho - Native American, Mother
  • Gail - Joyful
  • Gala - Singer
  • Geela - Eternal Joy
  • Gage - Old French meaning Promise
  • Gali - from Hebrew meaning Wave
  • Ganya - Hebrew meaning Garden of the Lord
  • Gena - Short form of Genevieve
  • Garbo (Actress Greta Garbo) 
  • Garnet - a red precious stone
  • Gemini - constellation and sign of the horoscope 
  • Genie - Does your dog have a magical spirit?
  • Genesis - The first book of the Bible
  • Genna - From English (Jenna, and also a form of Jennifer)
  • Georgia - Latin meaning Farmer
  • Gerda - German, Protected
  • Gerdie - German, Protected
  • Geri - Brave Spear Carrier (Short for Geraldine)
  • Geva - Hebrew for Hill
  • Ghada - Arabic meaning Young, Tender
  • Gherkin - a type of small pickle
  • Ghita - Italian meaning Pearl
  • Gia - from Italian
  • Giana - Italian 
  • Giddy - for that Dizzy girl
  • Gidget - Invented name of a surfer girl
  • Giggles - laughter
  • Gigi - Greek, meaning Farmer
  • Gilda - Covered with gold, golden hair
  • Gillian - from English, Youthful
  • Gin - an Alcoholic beverage
  • Gina -  Short for Angelina
  • Ginger - A type of spice
  • Gingersnap - Cookie made with Ginger
  • Gingko - a type of plant
  • Ginny -  Maidenly
  • Gisa - Hebrew meaning Stone
  • Gisele -  Pledge or oath
  • Gizmo - Slang term for a mechanical gadget
  • Gita - Sanskrit meaning song or pearl
  • Gladys - Cheerful
  • Glenda - the good witch in the Wizard of Oz
  • Gloria - Glory
  • Godiva - Independent Minded
  • Golda - as in Golda Meir of Israel
  • Goldie (as in Goldie Hawn
  • Goma - Swahili meaning Dance of Joy
  • Grace - Graceful
  • Gracie - Graceful
  • Greta - from German meaning Pearl
  • Gretel -  as in Hansel and Gretel
  • Gretchen - German form of Margaret, a pearl
  • Greylin - boy or girl name meaning strong, happy, graceful
  • Guda - Scandinavian meaning Divine, Good
  • Gumby - green children's plastic toy
  • Gwen, Gwena, Gwendolyn - Welsh - Fair, Blessed
  • Gwenevere - from Welsh meaning Fair One (King Arthur and Guinevere)
  • Gypsy - the name of a moth in the movie, A Bug's Life

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