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Black and White Dog Names: 
Choosing the Perfect Puppy Name

Looking for black and white dog names for that new puppy?  There are so many names to choose from which to choose.  Just the sheer volume of dog names available today, makes choosing the perfect name a daunting task. 

Black and white dogs remind me of classic aristocracy.  The formal wear attire that they carry on their back portrays an aura of sophistication that you often do not see in dogs with other hair colors.  The colors also shout modern, sleek and eye-catching, a very popular look in interior design. 

Boston TerrierBoston Terrier

Owners of black and white dogs often want to find the perfect name that accents their puppy’s true colors—whether it is formal or whimsical, modern or classic, these dogs need a black and white dog name.

Dalmatian dogs are perhaps the pooches that come to mind when thinking about black and white, but there are other small breed dogs deserving of a black and white puppy name.  The Boston terrier is one such breed, sporting only a black and white coat. 

Great Black and White Small Dogs

Beside the Boston, many different small breed dogs come in many colors including black and white. 

Some breeds come in many different colors, but here are a few where you might find a purebred black and white puppy. 

There are even more options when you consider all the designer or hybrid dogs available today.

I’ve created this list of black and white dog names that would be appropriate for a dog that is equally black and white, more white or more black. 

Since true black is hard to find in nature, I’ve engaged the help of zoology, in finding animals that are black and white. 

I also looked at media sources for cartoon characters featured in movies, TV shows and newspaper comics. 

My favorite, though is the candy isle at my neighborhood market.

Got a great name that I have forgotten?  Why not complete the form below and tell the world about your name.  We will add it to our list.

Black and White Dog Names

  • Almond Joy
  • Baby Grand Piano (use any part of it)
  • Badger (animal)
  • Bulls-eye (Bull for short--Great for a tiny dog!)
  • Chess (The Game)
  • Coke Float (Like a Root beer float)
  • Cookie (Black and White Cookies)
  • Cow (Moo-moo)
  • Cupcake (white cupcake with black frosting)
  • Dice or Die
  • Domino
  • Eight ball
  • Ermine (animal)
  • Felix (As in Felix the Cat:  Who said Felix had to be a cat name?)
  • Figaro (cat in the Walt Disney film, Pinocchio)
  • Half Moon
  • Harlequin (dog color found in the Great Dane)
  • Harp (Seal)
  • Holstein (cow)
  • Junior Mint (Yum!)
  • Marble
  • Merle (coloration in some dog breeds)
  • Mickey (Well, he was mostly black and white, especially before the days of color television)
  • Mine (An actor that doesn’t talk:  would be good for a quiet dog)
  • Mittens (Does your dog have white paws?)
  • Monk  (With robes of black and white)
  • Moo or
  • Moo-moo - like a cow
  • Mr. Peabody (The dog on an Old TV cartoon series)
  • Orca (Killer Whale)
  • Oreo (Everyone knows what an Oreo is)
  • Panda (The animal)
  • Patches (Old school name, but still popular)
  • Penguin
  • Peppermint Patty (The candy)
  • Pinwheel (Black and White that is)
  • Polar Bear
  • Puffin
  • Raccoon
  • Rorschach (Ink Blobs once used in psychological testing)
  • Scrabble (The game)
  • Silhouette (A little long, but shorten it to uette or Silho)
  • Snoopy (Joe Cool) (From Charlie Brown)
  • Soccer-ball
  • Skunk
  • Spot (OK, a little old fashioned)
  • Sproket (Dog From Fraggle Rock, an animated TV series)
  • Sushi (With rice and wrapper, Sushi often appear black and white)
  • Storm Trooper (Star Wars Movies)
  • Swan (Black and White Swans)
  • Tuxedo (Tux for short)
  • UPC (Short for Universal Product Co
  • Yin Yang
  • Zebra

Mary from Virginia, U.S.A. suggested the name, "Worthy."  Definitely a praiseworthy addition to this list!

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