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Great German Dog Names

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated March 28, 2019

Need some great German Dog Names for your German dog? 

Or maybe you just like the sound of the language or have fond memories of visiting the country or the people. 

Great German Dog Names

Here is a list of some of the more familiar names, but if you just want something fun, scroll down for those Cute German Dog Names.

Want to see what dogs originated in Germany?  We made a list for you.  This name list is broken down by foods, place names, and famous Germans.  Every good German dog deserves a great German Name.

German Dog Names Based on Traditional Food and Drinks

Bratwurst - one of many different types of wurst

Brezel – A Soft German Pretzel 

Budweiser - not a German beer, but the name comes the German, Budějovice, a city in Southern Bohemia

Goulash – Made with meat, vegetables and seasoning and often served over potatoes

Knackwurst - another type of wurst

Knockwurst - another type of wurst

Knödel – A dumpling that is made from flour or potatoes then boiled. 

Nudeln -  German noodles

Pilsener (or Pils, Pilsner) - pale lager beer named after Pilsen, the German name of Plzeň, a city in Western Bohemia;

Reis - German rice

Sauerbraten - A dish made with soured beef and dumplings

Sauerkraut – Cabbage that is sliced, salted and allowed to ferment until sour.  


Schnitzel – A meal that includes veal, turkey or chicken that is pounded thin,  coated with breadcrumbs and then fried.

Spätzle – Small dumplings boiled in water. 

Streusel - a Type of German desert

Wiener - German word adopted into English

Wurst – German for sausage

Zwieback - hard bread

Fun Names Based on a Little German

Bärchen – Meaning little bear, this name is quite adorable.

Deutsche – The word for German in that language.

Frankfurter - German word for the English Hot Dog

Frau or Fraulein –  Mrs. and Miss in German

Hase – bunny

Herr – German for mister.

Hund –  German for dog

Knuddel - German for cuddles

Liebling - darling

Maus – mouse

Mausebär - mouse bear

Perle - pearl

Prinzessin - princess

Prost – cheers

Schatz – jewel or treasure

Schnucki – close to sweetie pie

Spatzi - little sparrow

German Locations and Place Names

Bavaria – A region in Germany

Berlin – The capital and most popular city in Germany, 

Bonn - German city

Cologne – Another populous city, 

Dresden – A City that suffered heavy loses after World War II but now restored. 

Düsseldorf – An international business and financial center

Frankfurt – This large German city  Hamburg – The second largest city in Germany, 

Hessia –  German state, 

Munich – The third largest city in Germany, 

Rhine – As in the Rhine River, 

Salzburg – Another Austrian city known for its beautiful views.

Stuttgart – City where Porsha and Mercedes-Benz  are headquartered 

Vienna – The capital and largest city in Austria

German Dog Names Based on Famous Musicians








Famous German Scientists Make Great German Dog Names

Einstein -  Brilliant mind and father of Physics

Hertz - Physicist that proved the existence of electromagnetic waves

Kepler - Skilled in many science and mathematical disciplines was the first to prove the fundamental laws of planetary motion.

Koch - Known for his role in bacteriology including the study of anthrax and TB

Max Planck (either first or last name make a great choice)

Mozart - Austrian composer

Ohm - a German scientists and mathematician best known for Ohm's Law

Wundt - laid the foundation for modern day psychology

German Dog Names for Boys

Adel:  Nobel

Adolf:  Nobel Wolf

Aldo: Wise one

Alfons:  Ready for battle

Arnold:  Powerful Eagle

Arlo:  High Place

Axel:  Peaceful

Balder: Germanic god of light

Baldwin:  Brave Friend

Ballard:  Warrior

Benno:  Brave like a bear

Berger:  Mountain dweller

Bismarck:  Former German Chancellor

Blitz: Flash/ Lighting

Boris: Fighter

Bruno:  Brown

Claus or Klaus:  Short for Nicholas

Clovis:  Famous warrior

Conrad or Konrad:  Bold counselor

Derek:  Ruler

Dieter:  Warrior

Dustin:  Valiant fighter

Edel:  Distinguished

Edwin:  Prosperous friend

Emery:  Industrious ruler

Engel: Angel

Erich:  Eternal ruler

Ernie:  Vigorous

Ernest: Vigorous

Falk: Volf

Felix: Lucky

Fischer:  Fisherman

Flöhchen:  Little Flea

Fritz:  Peaceful ruler

Franz:  Free

Garin:  Warrior

Gerbert: Glittering spear

Gunther: Battle Warrior

Hamlin: Loves his home

Hank: Ruler of an estate

Hansel: Good Luck Gift

Hartwig: Strong battle

Heinrich: Ruler

Hans: God is Great

Heinz: House ruler

Hermann: Soldier

Hugo: Smart

Jung: Young

Kaiser: King

Karl: Strong

Kasper: Treasurer

Klaus: Victorious

Klein: Little

Krause: With Curly Hair

Krieger: German for Warrior

Kuno: Brave

Kurt: Courageous advice

Lance: A knight’s attendant

Lucas: Light

Luger: Old German gun

Lutz:  Short for Ludwig

Luther: Famous warrior

Matthias: Gift from God

Max: Great

Odo: Wealthy

Oskar: Spear

Otto: Rich or prosperous

Panzer: Armored tank

Prinz: Prince

Ritter: Knight

Rolf: Form of Rudolph

Roth: Red Haired

Rudolph: Famous Wolf

Saxon: Sharp Blade

Schatz: Little Treasure

Schwartz: Black

Siegfried: Victory, peace

Sigmund: Victory, protector

Udo: Rich/prosperous

Ulrik: Power of the Wolf

Waldo: King

Warren: Watchman, defender

Wendel: Traveler

Wolfgang: Rising Wolf

Characters from Grimms Fairy Tales make Clever German Dog Names







Maid Maleen



Cars and Other Means of Transportation: 

Mercedes-Benz:  Mercedes is an excellent choice for a female dog


Volkswagen, or VW for short







German Dog Names for Girls

Astrid: Beautiful God

Ava: Birdlike

Berta: Glorious

Bertha: Bright and Strong

Birgit: Protector

Britta:  White

Cissy, Cissi, Sissi

Edelweiss: Small white flower

Elke: Nobel

Elsa:  Strength

Emma: One who cares

Engel: Angel

Erika: Powerful ruler

Etta:  Small

Frieda: Peaceful

Frida: Peace

Fraulein: Young woman

Gabi: Hero of God

Grau (male or female): Gray

Gretchen: Pearl

Greta: Pearl

Gretel: Pearl

Grizelda: Ironlike

Hedwig: Contending war

Heide: Noble and kind

Helga: Person of God

Hund: German Word for Dog

Ida: Hard working

Jenelle: Knowledgeable

Karla: Strong

Kirsch: Cherry

Klein: Little, Good for a boy or a girl

Kristel: German for Christine

Leni: Little Angel

Leona: Feminine form of Leon

Liebe: Love

Lotti: Little woman

Mallory: Wise in battle

Marthe: Lady

Milla:  Industries

Millie:  Hard worker

Mischa:  Who is like God

Mitzi:  Beloved

Nixie:  Water Fairy

Olga: Holy

Regan:  Rain

Schatzie:  Little sweetheart

Senta:  Assistant

Sofie:  Sweet

Susi:  Lily

Tilli:  Battle maiden

Trudi:  Of the spear

Trudy:  Form of Gertrude

Ulrika:  All ruling

Ursula:  Female bear

Uta:  Rich

Vala:  Chosen one

Vera:  Faith,  Truth

Wanda:  Wanderer

Wilma:  Bold protector

Zelda: Battle maid

Zella:  Short for Marcella

Zuker:  Sugar

German Dog Breeds


American Eskimo Dog



Doberman Pinscher

German Longhaired Pointer

German Pinscher

German Shepherd Dog

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Spaniel

German Spitz

German Spitz Klein

German Spitz Mittel

Giant Schnauzer






Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Schnauzer



Standard Schnauzer

Toy Poodle


White Shepherd

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