Great German Dog Names

Great German Dog NamesGreat German Dog Names

Need some great German Dog Names for your German dog? 

Or maybe you just like the sound of the language or have fond memories of visiting the country or the people. 

Here is a list of some of the more familiar names, but if you just want something fun, scroll down for those Cute German Dog Names.

Want to see what dogs originated in Germany?  We made a list for you.

German Dog Names for Boys

  • Adel:  Nobel
  • Adolf:  Nobel Wolf
  • Aldo: Wise one
  • Alfons:  Ready for battle
  • Arnold:  Powerful Eagle
  • Arlo:  High Place
  • Axel:  Peaceful
  • Balder: Germanic god of light
  • Baldwin:  Brave Friend
  • Ballard:  Warrior
  • Benno:  Brave like a bear
  • Berger:  Mountain dweller
  • Bismarck:  Former German Chancellor
  • Blitz: Flash/ Lighting
  • Boris: Fighter
  • Bruno:  Brown
  • Claus or Klaus:  Short for Nicholas
  • Clovis:  Famous warrior
  • Conrad or Konrad:  Bold counselor
  • Derek:  Ruler
  • Dieter:  Warrior
  • Dustin:  Valiant fighter
  • Edel:  Distinguished
  • Edwin:  Prosperous friend
  • Emery:  Industrious ruler
  • Engel: Angel
  • Erich:  Eternal ruler
  • Ernie:  Vigorous
  • Ernest: Vigorous
  • Falk: Volf
  • Felix: Lucky
  • Fischer:  Fisherman
  • Flöhchen:  Little Flea
  • Fritz:  Peaceful ruler
  • Franz:  Free
  • Garin:  Warrior
  • Gerbert:  Glittering spear
  • Gunther:  Battle Warrior
  • Hamlin:  Loves his home
  • Hank:  Ruler of an estate
  • Hansel:  Good Luck Gift
  • Hartwig:  Strong battle
  • Heinrich:  Ruler
  • Hans:  God is Great
  • Heinz:  House ruler
  • Hermann:  Soldier
  • Hugo:  Smart
  • Jung:  Young
  • Kaiser:  King
  • Karl:  Strong
  • Kasper:  Treasurer
  • Klaus: Victorious
  • Klein:  Little
  • Krause:  With Curly Hair
  • Krieger:  German for Warrior
  • Kuno:  Brave
  • Kurt: Courageous advice
  • Lance:  A knight’s attendant
  • Lucus:  Light
  • Luger: Old German gun
  • Lutz:  Short for Ludwig
  • Luther: Famous warrior
  • Matthias: Gift from God
  • Max: Great
  • Odo:  Wealthy
  • Oskar:  Spear
  • Otto:  Rich or prosperous
  • Panzer:  Armored tank
  • Prinz:  Prince
  • Ritter:  Knight
  • Rolf:  Form of Rudolph
  • Roth:  Red Haired
  • Rudolph:  Famous Wolf
  • Saxon:  Sharp Blade
  • Schatz:  Little Treasure
  • Schwartz:  Black
  • Siegfried:  Victory, peace
  • Sigmund:  Victory, protector
  • Udo:  Rich/prosperous
  • Ulrik:  Power of the Wolf
  • Waldo:  King
  • Warren:  watchman, defender
  • Wendel:  Traveler
  • Wolfgang:  Rising Wolf

German Dog Names for Girls

  • Astrid:  Beautiful God
  • Ava:  Birdlike
  • Berta:  Glorious
  • Bertha:  Bright and Strong
  • Birgit:  Protector
  • Britta:  White
  • Cissy cissi sissi
  • Edelweiss:  Small white flower
  • Elke: Nobel
  • Elsa:  Strength
  • Emma:  One who cares
  • Engel:  Angel
  • Erika:  Powerful ruler
  • Etta:  Small
  • Frieda:  Peaceful
  • Frida:  Peace
  • Fraulein: Young woman
  • Gabi:  Hero of God
  • Grau (male or female):   Gray
  • Gretchen:  Pearl
  • Greta:  Pearl
  • Gretal: Pearl
  • Grizelda:  Ironlike
  • Hedwig contending war
  • Heide: Noble and kind
  • Helga:  Person of God
  • Hund:  German Word for Dog
  • Ida:  Hard working
  • Jenelle:  Knowledgeable
  • Karla:  Strong
  • Kirsch:  Cherry
  • Klein:  Little
  • Kristel:  German for Christine
  • Leni:  Little Angel
  • Leona:  Feminine form of Leon
  • Liebe:   Love
  • Lotti:  Little woman
  • Mallory:  Wise in battle
  • Marthe:   Lady
  • Milla:  Industries
  • Millie:  Hard worker
  • Mischa:  Who is like God
  • Mitzi:  Beloved
  • Nixie:  Water Fairy
  • Olga: Holy
  • Regan:  Rain
  • Schatzie:  Little sweetheart
  • Senta:  Assistant
  • Sofie:  Sweet
  • Susi:  Lily
  • Tilli:  Battle maiden
  • Trudi:  Of the spear
  • Trudy:  Form of Gertrude
  • Ulrika:  All ruling
  • Ursula:  Female bear
  • Uta:  Rich
  • Vala:  Chosen one
  • Vera:  Faith,  Truth
  • Wanda:  Wanderer
  • Wilma:  Bold protector
  • Zelda: Battle maid
  • Zella:  Short for Marcella
  • Zuker:  Sugar

Cute German Dog Names Based on Popular Culture

Every language shares some of its words with the rest of the world.  The words may be German, but their meaning is understood worldwide. 

Many great names had to be eliminated from this list because they were too long for the average English speaking dog owner.  Besides, it is much easier to choose a name that has only a couple of syllables. 

Names based on German Cities:  Berlin,  Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich,  Salzburg, Dresden or Zurich

Wines or Other Drinks:  Reisling, Schnapps

Famous Composers:  Beethoven  Bach  Schubert, Brahms, Schumann

German Foods:  Streusel, Spaetzle,  Schnitzel,  Bratwurst, Marzipan, Zwieback, Pretzel, Berger

Cars and Other Means of Transportation:  Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagon,  Zeppelin, Diesel,

Famous German Scientists:   Einstein, Planck, Kepler, Hertz, Geiger,

Other Well-Known Germans:  Bismarck,  Frederich,  Wilhelm,  Wundt

German Dog Breeds


American Eskimo Dog



Doberman Pinscher

German Long Haired Pointer

German Pinscher

German Shepherd Dog

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Spaniel

German Spitz

German Spitz Klein

German Spitz Mittel

Giant Schnauzer






Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Schnauzer



Standard Schnauzer

Toy Poodle


White Shepherd