British Dog Names

British Dog Names Based on the Monarchy and Royal Family









This is just a partial list of British Monarchs throughout time

George - George I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Victoria - Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland from 1837 until 1876. 

Edward - several British Kings with that name

William - including William the Conqueror




Henry - numerous Kings and Princes with that name

Alfred the Great (871-99)

Elizabeth (Liz or Beth for short)

Anne - queen of England, Scotland and Ireland 1702 until 1707

Windsor - as in the House of Windsor

Stuart - (or Stewart) as in the House of Stuart

British Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Another creative way to find British dog names is to draw inspiration from cities, regions and landmarks.

  • Aberdeen-a city in Northeast Scotland
  • Avon – an English medieval market town and the birthplace of William Shakespeare.
  • Barking -  a borough from greater London
  • Belfast – the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland.
  • Brighton – a seaside city in southern England.Bristol – a city and county in southeast England.
  • Camden – a borough in London 
  • Canterbury - a town in Kent
  • Chester - Founded as a Roman fortress, it is now a city in NE England
  • Cornwall – a ceremonial county in the very southwest tip of England.
  • Derby - a city in Derbyshire, England
  • Dundee – a large city in Scotland.
  • Edinburgh – the capital city of Scotland.
  • Ely - a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, England,
  • Gloucester – a city and district in southwest England.
  • Leicester – a city East Midlands of England and also the name of a popular square in London. (It’s pronounced “Less-ter.”)
  • Lincoln - a city in the English Midlands known for it's cathedral.
  • Liverpool – a major city and metropolitan borough in northwest England.
  • London – the capital and most populous city of both England and the United Kingdom as a whole.
  • Manchester – a major city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England.
  • Nottingham – a city not too far away from Leicester. Remember the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood?
  • Oxford – a city in southeast England that’s also home to renowned Oxford University.
  • Salisbury – a cathedral city in Wiltshire, England.
  • Skye – as in Isle of Skye, the largest and most northerly major island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland
  • Swansea – a coastal city and county in Wales.
  • Westminster – an area of central London within the City of Westminster. 
  • Worchester – a Cathedral City in the West Midlands of England.
  • York – a historic walled city in North Yorkshire, England.

British Dog Names from Literature

Chaucer – the author of the famous Cantebury Tales is also considered the Father of English literature, 

Arthur – King Arthur was a legendary English leader who, according to medieval histories led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders.

Camelot – a legendary castle and court associated with King Arthur.

Excalibur – a legendary sword of King Arthur.

Lancelot – one of the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend.

Guinevere – the wife of King Arthur of the legend.

Shakespeare – the renowned writer and poet who is considered the greatest writer in the English language.

Orwell – famous English novelist George Orwell penned 1984 and other works.

Hamlet – the main character of the namesake play by William Shakespeare.

Puck – a clever, mischievous sprite in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Henry – as in Henry V, another Shakespearean play.

Romeo - Juliet - a great duo for a boy and girl dog team.

Sherlock – like the famous fictionalized detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Holmes – you could also use the detective’s last name.

Watson – as in John Watson, Sherlock’s sidekick.

Jane – for Jane Austen, the famed English novelist or use Austen, it makes for a very British Dog name.

Emma – along the same lines, Emma is a character in the novel by Jane Austen. 

Charles – as in Charles Dickens, the renowned writer from the Victorian era. Try Dickens too, a clever dog name.

Pip – the protagonist in Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

Virginia – as Virginia Woolf, the English writer from the twentieth century.

Harry – Harry Potter, need I say more or

Potter – Both are great dog names.

Hermione Granger – the heroine of Harry Potter, either the first or the last name make great names for a dog

Weasley – as in Ron Weasley, from the Harry Potter series.

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