Kratom for Dogs:  Is it a Safe Alternative for Pain: A Complete Guide

Kratom for Dogs, by Subhankar Sarkar |Updated 12-27-2023

Kratom is a tropical plant that mainly comes from parts of Indonesia. However, it is also found in Thailand, New Guinea, and Malaysia. Lately, Kratom has gained a lot of popularity from its origin to the western countries because of its health benefits.

Users associate it with properties to relieve pain, control anxiety, and it boosts energy when consumed. Others have used it for different reasons.

The presence of mitragynine and 7-hydro mitragynine produce analgesic effects, which result in anti-inflammatory properties.  This article will offer the ultimate guide and a deeper understanding of Kratom for dogs. 

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Can you Give Kratom to Dogs?

Different people have given it to their pets, and thus the answer is a yes! However, there is no scientific support to this as there is little research carried out about Kratom and dogs.

People who are aware of the benefits of this natural product have done trials with their dogs, and hence the results were that it worked well for them. Besides, some vets recommend it as a natural treatment for dogs. 

However, one must observe the dosage administered to a dog as high amounts of it may pose some risks and adverse effects.

Just like in humans, it is recommended you start with small quantities of dosages and gradually increase it. With such a form of Kratom, one can estimate the amounts of Kratom to uses. Also, you should consult with your Vet since Kratom might bring about adverse effects if used together with other medications on your dog. 

How can a dog benefit from taking Kratom and its Products?

Here are a few ways that dogs have benefited by consuming Kratom.  They are as follows. 

Kratom for Dogs to Increase Appetite

Feeding your dog with some Kratom products will increase its hunger and thus demand more food. Users who have tried it claim that your dog will no longer avoid eating, and therefore, improve his energy level and strength.

Kratom for Dogs to Reduce Anxiety

Similar to a large number of human beings, even dogs can suffer from anxiety. As a result, dogs could end up in a chronic state of stress. In such a situation, administering Kraton can help calm the dog down and improve their psychological condition.  

Relief of Chronic pain

From a large number of dog owners who used Kratom on their dogs, only a few dogs did not show notable recovering symptoms from pain. Others even say Kratom responds well to dogs with aches and soreness. Many use Kratom because of this property. 

Other Benefits for Kratom

Among other benefits are: stimulating energy for your dog and treating seizure for dogs which suffer seizure-like symptoms.  

It is vital you give your dog’s quality Kratom products. Kratom comes in different forms which include: raw powder, extracts and capsules, such as Kratom Crazy Capsules.

Which Stains of Kratom are Safe for Dogs?

Different users have tried different Kratom products for their dogs, and these are some of the Kratom strains they claimed to work for their dogs.

1. Green Malay Kratom 

If your dog is always restless or in chronic pain due to injuries, then this Kratom would do magic. 

2. Maeng Da Kratom 

This is likely the most popular form of Kratom. It eases pain and boosts energy level.  Most regular Kratom users are familiar with this specific strain.  

3. Borneo Kratom Strain

This particular Kratom product has similar benefits as the two discussed above such as relieving pain and reducing anxiety levels.   However, this strain is a potent supplement as its results are seen within a short time after a dog has consumed it.

It best for all kinds of pains but works better for muscle pains.  Also, one ought to be very keen on the amounts of dosage your dog consumes to avoid very harsh side effects to your pet.  

4. Indo Kratom

This specific strain is characterized by a high level of 7- hydroxy mitragynine which makes it unique. It can relieve all kinds of pains your dog might be experiencing and in an effective way. Besides, it acts as a sedative for your pet, thus reducing his anxiety.

The opinion of Veterinarians about Kratom for Dogs

Different veterinarians hold different opinions about this topic. This is the result of very little scientific research, thus very little scientific information on this topic is known.

Among the views are that for Kratom to be beneficial to dogs, it must be administered in small doses. By doing so, it would ease pain and anxiety in a better manner. 

Other veterinarians hold the opinion that due to lack of knowledge about how Kratom would benefit dogs, it poses health risks to dogs and thus not recommended. 

Finally, another group of vets maintain that Kratom, being a natural product, would be a safe option than other conventional drugs. 

However, as a dog owner, you have discretion over the health and welfare of your dog. Also, understand the possible benefits and side effects.  

Bottom line

From the little research conducted as of this writing, it evident that Kratom has health benefits towards both animals and human beings. Also, millions of people around the globe are turning to natural products to deal with their health conditions and among the rising products is Kratom. 

However, more research is needed to clear some of these doubts concerning this topic. Besides, more knowledge would even recommend the specific amounts of doses to use for a particular condition. 

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