Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Baby

Signs that Your Dog is Actually Your Baby  Last Updated 04-13-2021

Motherhood comes with all the love right? It’s where you hold that bundle of joy and wonder how you got so lucky to have her in your life.

And when those puppy dog eyes look at you, your heart could simply melt.  It is at that moment a realization dawns on to you - you’re now a mother and thus has begun your pet-parenthood.

16 Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Baby

Here are 16 ways that prove that your pet is actually your baby and you are quite the pet-parent:

1. You Want to Buy the Whole Store for Them

So you go to the store and the only thing on your mind for every pretty dress or accessory that you see- how adorable your little pooch would look on it. Sometimes, you even feel that these were made especially for your little pup. And other times, you look at the toy section and wonder how happy your pet-baby would be to play with all of these.

2. She Has the Softest Most Comfortable Bed 

Signs Your Dog is Actually Your Baby: 
 She has the softest most comfortable bed in the whole house:

Well her bed is more comfortable than yours and there are no second thoughts to that. Not to forget the fact that she has her own space in your bed (possibly more than you). Because most nights- she wants to sleep with you. And you can’t blame the puppy if she wants to cuddle and sleep with you all the time- after all and you are responsible for her spoilt behavior.  

3. You Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

Signs Your dog is your baby:  You celebrate your pet’s birthday:Signs Your dog is your baby: You celebrate your pet’s birthday:

Special occasions require celebration with those special to us and that is precisely why you celebrate your dog’s birthday every year. Your pet definitely is your baby and that is why he deserves a little birthday party with just the two of you, a birthday cake and not to forget a few close friends with dogs, kids from the neighborhood, and lots of treats- for both dogs and humans and party-games.

4. All You Want to Do is Play With Him

Surefire signs that your dog is really your baby:  All you want to do is play with him:Surefire signs that your dog is really your baby: All you want to do is play with him:

After all, whom can you be all silly with? You have these little playtimes with buddy and the way he responds to your silly willy self with that of his own is absolutely priceless. Where can you get so much joy? Hence, you take some time out every day to play with your little pup.

5. He Steals the Spotlight During All Occasions

So you have an occasion coming up at your home soon and you know the only focus of attention, your doggo is going to be the star- the head turner of the party. Be it Christmas or Easter, you make sure that he is dressed in his best new clothes with the proper accessories that represent your family.

6. You Give Him Baby Meds When He's Sick

When your puppy is ill, you want them to take baby-medicine

Admit it, when your pup gets ill, you feel as if a part of you is sinking. You want to even give them baby medicines and any other solution that works for little humans. But, this is something that you need to be wary of because, not everything that is good for humans is good for dogs too.

7. Regular Visits to the Spa (Both You and Her)

You guys regularly pamper yourself (spa visits)

What is the spa-visit if your pooch does not get her own treatment too right? I mean she is surely blessed with that beautiful shiny coat of hers but, that needs maintenance too. Not to ignore the fact that after such a long week, she does deserve her moments of relaxation at the spa.

8. Surefire Signs that Your Dog is Actually Your Baby -He's in Every Photograph to Take

Your pup is the main star in your gallery and his pictures are all over. You even hire a photographer especially for him. And your social media has more pictures of him than of you. I mean who can resist themselves from taking a picture and going “Awww! my baby” when they see a sweet sleeping pup right?

9. Your Dog is Worth All the Love in the World

Your pet is worth all the love in the world

No matter how much you do for that little pooch, you know that there is still more that can be done because, the unconditional love and snuggles that he gives you can never be compensated with enough. 

So yes, you got the right feeling- he is worth everything that you do for him.

10. You Are Sure He Has All the Same Talents as You Have

You are sure your dog has the same talents as you

Everything about you- he has, almost by miracle.  I mean did you ever see the paw paintings that he makes after dipping his paw on color? It deserves its own place at the Louvre. He is better at painting than you.

11. Definitive Signs That Your Dog is Actually Your Baby - She has Her Own Place at the Table

Definitive signs that your dog is actually your baby, She has her own place at the dining table

Your pooch has her own special place in the dining table- complete with a doggy chair and her own food and water bowls.

12. You Really Don't Want Him To Grow Much

You really don’t want him to grow up too much:

I mean your dog is so small and cute; you can take him easily wherever you want to. He fits in perfectly in your arms and your bed. I mean even his little pup-basket is a perfect size. Why does he even have to grow out of that size right?

But, then again, growing is an inevitable part of life. But, no matter what happens, he will always be your little baby.

13. Unquestionable Signs That Your Dog is Actually Your Baby?  You Talk to Him as if He Were a Person

Unquestionable signs that your dog is actually your baby?  You talk to him as if he is a person

When you talk to him, you address him as if you are talking to a person. “You are such a good boy Fluff and what would I do without you?”  And I am also guessing here that he is your most trusted confidant, someone who knows all your deepest secrets and who has been with you through your good times and your bad times. Well that's how pets are. 

14. Your Whole Life Revolves Around Him

You reschedule your whole life around him

You leave that party or your office a little earlier than you otherwise would have. Just so that you can take care of him and to spend some quality time with your pooch at home. You also wake up a little earlier in the morning so that you and your dog can go for that walk, which you feel will strengthen your bond. And that is only natural as a parent- wanting to spend more time with your baby.

15. You Miss Her All of the Time

You miss her all the time

Admit it- she is always on your mind and all you think about is her the whole day. Whether you are working or out shopping with a friend, you think what your pooch must be doing at home. It often happens that wondering about you pup, you forget one or two of the items you were about to buy from the grocery store.

16.  An Indisputable Sign That Your Dog is Actually Your Baby - His Dog Toys Begin to Resemble Kids' Toys

His toys and equipment begin to look more like human baby items than doggie stuff. Have you started shopping in the infant section of your favorite store and abandoned the pet store forever?

So those are the signs showing that your pet is your baby. All that being said, as pet parents, we are all pretty sure that our pets are totally our soul mates and we want nothing more than to enjoy our lives with them and give them the very best.

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