Best Pets for Introverts

Best Pets for Introverts     by Cyd Ross     |Published 04-20-2021

When it comes to personality types and overarching definitions, many subscribe to the belief that you are either more introverted or more extroverted.

One helpful definition of the introverted personality type is someone who draws their creative energy from spending time alone. In contrast, extroverts tend to draw the majority of their creative energy from being around others.

Introverts often prefer more isolated environments, while extroverts prefer socially stimulating environments. Personality types should not be viewed as black and white, as there is plenty of room for a gray area here. Still, you most likely lean slightly or even heavily to one or the other.

Small puppy in the gardenSmall Dogs as pets

Introverts cherish alone time. Those who identify as introverts become energized by spending valuable time in their own world. Rather than discussing ideas in a group, they prefer thinking ideas thoughtfully by themselves first and formulating a solid opinion before sharing.

Best Pets for Introverts

If you’re an introvert, you may find that you get along more easily with pets than humans, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Read on to find out more about the best animals to surround yourself with if you lean towards the introverted side of the personality type spectrum.


A great pet for an introvert is a dog. However, choose wisely because not all breeds are good candidates for the introverted personality type.

Canines can make for great, non-human companions and allow you to go on adventures to dog parks and mountain trails without another human but also without being completely alone. If you want a more laid-back dog who also does not rely heavily on much socialization, do some research and find dogs that fit this mold, like a Chow, for instance.

Getting a dog allows you to have the very best of both worlds— solitude without loneliness. Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility, so before taking the plunge, make sure you do adequate research to know exactly what is expected from you as a pet owner.

All dogs are different, with unique personalities, and finding a dog that’s right for you shouldn’t be taken lightly. We can’t stress enough the importance of taking the time to figure out what kind of dog breeds best fit your lifestyle.

One way to go about getting a dog is to check out foster programs around your area. Fostering dogs allows you to do trial runs as a pet owner without making a total commitment. Usually, you keep a foster dog until they find their forever family.

Being a dog owner can be a gratifying experience, but make sure you’re ready for the responsibility before committing. Find the right breed for your lifestyle here.

Dogs are being walked on leashesDogs, best pets for introverts


For those who classify as introverted, having a cat around may feel like hanging out with a person similar to you. Some cats are quite social and enjoy being around humans, but for the most part, cats live their own life, gracing you with its presence only when it feels so inclined for a nice rub or more likely, food.

Cats are more low-maintenance than most dogs, and they make for exceptional companions for introverted souls. If you’re looking for a pet to enrich your life, to accompany you while you read books, watch Netflix, and drink your tea by the fire, a cat is a perfect choice for you. Like dogs, some places allow you to foster cats to see if the animal is the right fit for you and your family.

Kitten is hiding under a blanketKitten


It can be incredibly fulfilling to have fish as pets, not to mention the gorgeous aquatic plants that can accompany these creatures. These majestic beings dance around in their world while you get the distinct pleasure of watching them thrive.

Having an at-home aquarium can be low-maintenance compared to a dog, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your fish friends any mind. Some species do better solo, while others prefer to have other fish sharing their tank.

Depending on your level of commitment to your at-home aquarium, you’ll find fish and plants that will cater to beginners to experts. Learn more about different types of fish food. As with most things, we suggest starting small.

Begin with one, easy-to-handle fish, create a gorgeous environment for them, and see if this was a love that could potentially grow. For introverts, having hobbies such as at-home aquariums to become engrossed in is truly a joyous adventure to partake in!

Goldfish as petsGold Fish


Okay, we know what most of you are thinking…no way. But hear us out! Snakes are known for being incredibly docile and a perfect candidate for the introverted personality type.

Snakes generally get a bad rap. Sure, certain types are dangerous to own and are better off living out their lives in the wild. Do your research and find a kind of snake that doesn’t get too big! It takes a specific personality type to care for a snake.

Still, if you’re an introvert, you’re probably already halfway there. Contrary to common belief, snakes can make for a fun and sweet pet as long as they’re correctly cared for, and you provide them with the appropriate environment in which to thrive.


Loving and affectionate little creatures that don’t take up much space, birds are next on the list for great pets for introverts to own. If you spend a significant amount of time at home, a bird is an excellent choice for you. Birds can be solid companions once they’ve warmed up to you after being properly socialized. Do your research on the best birds to keep as pets and ask other bird lovers about their individual experiences before getting a chirping little friend.

Pet bird is eating out a person's handsBirds as pets


Not only are bunnies insanely cute, but they also make great pets for introverted personality types. Bunnies are mellow and super fun to play with, but also don’t require a substantial amount of attention from their owners.

The more you socialize with your bunny early on, however, the less timid it will be of humans, and the more likely you’ll get a fun playmate out of the experience. Having a pet bunny suits the personality type that wishes to spend most of their free time lying low at home.

Bunny in the gardenBunny


Similarly to owning fish and keeping an at-home aquarium, having a turtle for a pet is a great move for someone who doesn’t want a high-maintenance, super social pet. Incredibly independent creatures, the only time you have to worry about interacting with your pet turtle is when it’s feeding time. Turtles are entertaining to watch as they go about their business in the habitat you create for them.

Turtle in the grassTurtle


Frog: The only drawback of owning a cute frog? They do require being fed crickets. However, these are sweet little creatures that make great pets for introverts. Depending on the personality of your frog, they may want to be let out of their aquarium setting to roam about a bit. But,  keep a watchful eye on your critter and make sure no predators are lurking around to give them a hard time. Fogs are low maintenance and provide much joy for the lover of all things staying-at-home.

Frog in a person's handsFrog


Another perfect pet for all you introverts out there? A chinchilla! But what exactly is a chinchilla? A chinchilla is a crepuscular critter, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk, making them great for the not-very-socially-inclined pet owner.

Chinchillas look a bit like chubby squirrels mixed with a bunny. They typically do not like to be disturbed during the day and are incredibly independent. However, they will eventually warm up to you with enough attention and love, but only on their terms.

If you do decide to own a chinchilla, be sure to consider a second one.  Chinchillas do much better when they are raised as pairs.

Chinchilla eating a treat ballChinchilla


Last but not least, a hedgehog makes a fantastic pet for an introvert looking for a low maintenance, sweet companion to spend time with at home.

Hedgehogs, like chinchillas, are primarily active in the night and will roll into little balls when they become frightened. An important thing to know about hedgehogs before taking the plunge and becoming an official hedgehog owner is that they do require plenty of space to exercise and play. They are small but super active.

Hedgehog being held in a person's hands.Hedgehog

Last Words

Getting a pet is a big decision, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Make sure you do plenty of research to determine what kind of pet will best fit your own unique needs.

As an owner, it’s your responsibility to give any pet you get the best possible life. Choose thoughtfully and don’t rush into pet ownership, unless you’re absolutely in a position to provide a pet with a great life.

For people who love animals more than other people, this list should help point you in the right direction as far as pet ownership.

Author Bio

Cyd Ross is a founding member of an organization dedicated to rescuing livestock and pets from evacuation zones.

Ranch life has given her experience with most animals, but her focus is on training horses and dogs. Cyd loves competing in endurance events of 50-100 miles with her Arabians.

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