Cooper's Treats:  Pupsicle Review

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Review   by Janice Jones 
Published 06-29-2022


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What’s better on a hot summer day than a cool drink?  Better yet, perhaps an ice cream, snow cone, or creamy gelato might be just what you need to cool you off. 

I’ll wager a bet that our dogs would also like something to cool them off too.  Perhaps their own version of a popsicle or ice cream cone.

A young Shih Tzu is trying out a Pupsicle

One company had the same thoughts.  Cooper’s Treats based in California manufactures small kits used to make Pupsicles.  But rather than adding chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, their ingredients include Turkey and Cinnamon and Beef and Cheddar, much more to the liking of dogs.

How Tasty are Pupsicles?

I received my starter pack that contained a couple of jars of mix and a paw and bone silicon mold.  The process was simple to make. 

You just add equal amounts of mix and water and pour the mixture into the mold.  Freeze for a couple of hours and then serve.  My dogs absolutely loved the taste, even my most picky dog Toby who will turn his nose up at almost everything I offer him gobbled them up.

I was convinced this company was onto something with the way my dogs devoured their pupsicles, but what about the nutritional value.

A pack of Shih Tzu dogs is trying to reach the pupsicle

How Nutritious are Pupsicles?

Nutritional analysis of Cooper's Treats' Pupsicles

If you’re like me, I always look at the label.  The Turkey–Cinnamon Blend contains freeze-dried turkey, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, and cinnamon. 

That’s it, no mystery ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. The guaranteed analysis for this blend breaks down to 26.6% Protein, 1.75 % Fat, and 1.3% fiber.  Pretty impressive for a treat, wouldn’t you say?

The beef-cheddar pupsicle includes the ingredients freeze-dried beef, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, and cheddar cheese powder.  There is 23% Protein, 7.7% Fat, and 0.5% Fiber.  

If you are worried about whole wheat flour, they do offer a grain-free variety that substitutes the wheat with Cassava flour, almond flour, and coconut flour.

What is the Caloric Content?

Each treat has about 20 calories, but you can reduce that if you prefer by adding extra water.  For a small dog, that is quite a lot of calories, especially for a 10-pound dog. 

If you choose not to add extra water, you might want to limit your dog to a half treat daily. Keep all uneaten treats in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

How easy are Pupsicles to make?

Shown are the finished pupsicles, mold, and jars of ingredients.

The company boasts that anyone can make these, from the five-year-old upwards.  They really are the easiest treat you’ll ever make your dog.  

This would be an excellent family activity with children that teaches measuring, pouring, mixing, freezing, and following directions.  Since the finished products flip out of the molds easily, there’s no stress or mess, and offers an ego-boosting experience for young children.

Is there anything else you should know about Pupsicles?

I’m really picky about what goes into my family’s diet and that also includes my dogs as well.  I was pleased to learn that all their treat mixes are made in the USA and do not include any added sugar, salt, preservatives, color, or artificial flavors.

Last Words about the Company

A few positive things that you should know about the company is that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping to anywhere in the US.  

Their pupsicle kits are not the only product this company sells.  If you prefer to make biscuits instead of pupsicles, they have kits for that too. 

If you prefer the ready-made treats dogs love, they have you covered there as well.  From long-lasting chews or quick training treats, they offer single-ingredient products as well as blends.  

One more thing that impressed me about this company is how they care for dogs.  They work with dog-related charities by giving back a portion of their sales.  Now, just how impressive is that?

To learn more about their other products or make a purchase visit Cooper’s Treats 

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Review
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