9 Facts About the Biewer Terrier, I bet You Didn't Know

Facts About the Biewer Terrier  by Glenn Anderson
|Published 08-01-2022

Although the Biewer Terriers are a new breed of dog, they have instantly won the hearts of many pet lovers. These cute and tiny meatballs can make you fall in love with them in one glance.

Apart from their elegant looks, they are getting a lot of attention because of their personality and unique traits.  Don't confuse them with the Yorkshire Terrier, as they are a unique breed apart from all others.

Since they are a new breed, there are many interesting facts about the Biewer Terrier that you didn't know. They were accepted into the American Kennel Club in 2021 as their 197th breed and now hold a place in the AKC's Toy Group.  So if you’re planning to adopt one, here are some fun facts about a Biewer Terrier that will amaze you.

Two pet Biewer Terriers in front of a brick wall.

 Facts About the Biewer Terrier

1. Name and Origin

First, let’s know the correct pronunciation. Since it's a German name, its pronunciation is a bit different. You can pronounce it like the word “beaver”.

This breed was named after its breeders: Werner and Gertrud Biewer. In 1984, the Biewer family’s Yorkshire Terrier gave birth to an entirely new breed with a recessive piebald gene.

At first, this was considered a variant of the Yorkshire Terrier. Later on, it was recognized that Biewer Terrier is an entirely new and rare breed.

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2. Biewer Terrier Was Famous for a Different Reason

Biewer Terriers are fun-loving dogs that can entertain you all day. Within a short time, this breed has already taken the spotlight.

Although this breed originated in Germany, it has gained immense popularity worldwide. But in Germany Biewer Terrier was made famous because of a celebrity.

Margot Eskens, an extremely famous German singer used to have a Biewer Terrier as her pet. Because of her, Biewer Terrier attracted a lot of attention.

3. Elegant Looks

Biewer Terrier in front of a Red BackgroundBiewer Terrier in Full Show Coat

One of the winning traits of Biewer Terrier is their appearance. They have a long and silky coat that flows down their bodies. Their unique color patterns often make them even more beautiful. On top of that, they have tiny ponytails that will melt your heart.

These furry gentlemen are usually small. Their size can go up to seven to eleven inches long. You can find many similarities between Yorkies and Biewer Terriers, but Biewers have different tails, and their bones are a bit sturdier than Yorkshire terriers.

4. Amazing Temperament

A Biewer Terrier Puppy Playing in a field of grass.

One of the most attractive traits of Biewer Terriers is their happy and fun-loving characters. These dogs can be a perfect breed for both senior citizens and kids.

They often do mischievous and naughty things to make you laugh. If you own a Biewer Terrier, you're in for a lot of entertainment. One of the reasons why they're a popular breed is because their happy-go-lucky mentality keeps the environment light and fun.

So if you have a particular weakness for mischievous little dogs, Biewer Terriers can be an excellent option for you to adopt.

5. Strong Personality

Biewer Terriers may look small, but they are not as meek as they look. They have a big personality, and they demand a lot of your attention. They always love to play with you. You can often see them playing with their favorite toys.

These energetic and lovable creatures want to receive lots of affection from you. You can see them hugging and sitting on your lap if you're feeling sad. You'll have a great time cuddling and playing with them.

They're not so keen on welcoming strangers, but if you can train them through proper socialization, they can also be completely fine with your guests.

6. They’re Great as House Dogs

A small Biewer Terrier in a basket of yarn

Another great thing about the Biewer Terriers is their quality of being great house dogs. They’re fine with living in both apartments and fenced-in yards. They don't need additional workouts; just daily walks outside will be sufficient.

And you don't have to worry too much if you miss a day of walks. Since they’re small, running in the apartment will be enough for their daily exercise.

Planning on going on a short hike? They can be a great companion. When it comes to training, you can have less hassle because of their easy-going personality.

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7. Loves to Play with Children

A young child holding a Biewer Terrier puppy

Biewer Terriers are always up for playtime. Their small size makes them a perfect playing partner for the kids. Their fun-loving attitude makes them the best buddies to play with the children.

But since they’re quite small, they often can get injured while playing. So you must be extra careful while letting them play with the children. So ensure you have proper supervision while letting your Biewer play with children.

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8. Brewers Miss Their Owners

One wholesome fact about the Biewers is they are overly attached to their owners. You'll see your Biewer Terrier constantly running towards you and hugging you for attention when you're at home.

But when you're not around, they feel sad. Since they’re easy to train, they form a strong bond with you. So if you leave them in an empty home, they'll most likely whine and cry for you. This is one breed that can suffer from separation anxiety.

Instead of keeping them alone, taking them with you is better. Since they’re small, taking them outside is also quite easier. You can also find someone to look after your dog while you're away.

9. Brewers Are Great with Other Pets

Biewer Terrier can be another welcoming edition if you have other pets in your home. The jolly mentality of the Biewers helps them to get along with other pets.

But they do need some time to get socialized. Biewers have a big personality and they’re not afraid to show their emotions against larger animals. So a little training can help Biewers to feel comfortable around other pets.


Biewer Terriers are an amazing breed of dogs with lots of personality and cuteness. You’ll never feel bored around this rare breed of furry friends. Their lovable mischiefs will bring joy and happiness to any home.

If you love small dogs and planning to adopt one, these fun facts about the Biewers will make you choose them as your next pet.

Facts About the Biewer Terrier
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Facts About the Biewer Terrier
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