Jasper, My Shorkie Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

by Helen
(Dallas Tx)

My little Jasper is so adorably cute.

He was crate potty trained in a large crate that allowed room for a potty pad/holder which worked very well for him of course we had to take him out all the time when he was a puppy till he learned.

Now He wines or barks at us to let us know that he needs to go outside to potty. He also knows that when its to cold out side or we are away that he can potty on his potty pad/holder in the crate.

We have carpet in the living room and he thought it was OK to potty on it.

So we had to get a door gate to keep him out during the training phase all the other rooms have wood floors. He now knows that he can only go to the living room when he has permission.
He understands what no means, stay, come here, let's go out side, go get it and more. He is very affectionate, lovable and loves to take showers he is so amazing.

He gets his feeling hurt easily so I hate it when I have to tell him no. With lots of patience in the beginning a Shorkie would be such a loving part of your family.

I recommend the crate potty training to everyone. Please do not get upset with your puppy during the training process and at night and after he eats put him in the crate so he has no accidents he will learn eventually.

Get up and let your puppy out first thing in the morning to a secure area outside then let him back in. He will learn to let you know later when he is able to hold his bladder.

I love my Shorkie and he loves me too.

Janice here from Small Dog Place...

Thanks Helen for such a great article! Anyone who has a puppy they are struggling to potty train, take notice. Crate training does work and is probably the fastest way to train your puppy.

Thanks for Sharing Helen. Your little guy sounds amazing.

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