Koco, Living with a Shih Tzu Dog

by Lynne Morrow
(Dungannon, Co,Tyrone )

Shown are two Shih Tzu Dogs, one in a puppy or kennel cut and the other if a Show Coat

Shown are two Shih Tzu Dogs, one in a puppy or kennel cut and the other if a Show Coat

I had decided on a small breed and wanted someone playful & a bit cheeky /mischievous.

Well, you don't get better than Koco! She is extremely intelligent and eager to please, very loyal and nurturing. Shih Tzu dogs love people and children are their favourite.

She is patient and likes and obeys anything you tell her to do.

If you tell her she's a good girl, you should reward while you're telling her --whether that's lifting for a cuddle or going to get a treat. A little diamond x.

Hi, Janice here from Small Dog Place
So, I have to admit that this breed is my favorite. It is not that I don't like all dogs and each breed has it's special attributes and traits that endear them to your heart, but there is something about a Shih Tzu that is hard to put into words.

Is it their big dark eyes that stare up at you?

Is it their desire to be with you all the time?

Maybe it is their playful nature that keeps you laughing?

It could simply be the kisses and cuddles you get when you have a bad day.

They are truly a breed that doesn't mind a hug, and they are so ready for an adventure whether it is a hike or a snuggle on the couch.

Personality wise, they are special.


Grooming can be an issue as they are a long coated breed that requires quite a bit of brushing.

Housetraining doesn't come easily to most Shih Tzu and they do have some health issues associated with their brachycephalic status. All in all, they are a great breed for singles, couples, families with children and seniors who need a furry child to call their own.

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May 14, 2018
Great reading: Looking For a Shih Tzu
by: Anonymous

I have had dogs all my life but recently lost my Shih Tzu to advanced cancer at the age of 15. I miss her terribly and now I'm trying to get or find another. I cannot afford a great deal of money as I am elderly and on a fixed income. I'm looking every day for my next companion! Thank you!

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