Maltese, Yorkie & Toy Poodle

by Christine Downing
(North Saanich, Vancouver Island.)

I got my darling, Lola, when she was three months old. I met her when she was two months old and weighed about 1 pound. She was energetic and came to me with ease. She was and is a bundle of joy. Has socialized well, loves people and other dogs no matter their size. She now weighs approx 4 pounds, loves to hike and I mean hike. Loves cuddles. I am blessed to have her in my life. She is intelligent and willing to try new things every day. What more can I say....

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your little lady with us. She sounds adorable and a great all-around companion. Usually, you get a cuddler OR a hiker, but you hit the jackpot--you got both in the same little body.

I'm hoping you'll come back and post some pictures of her. I think everyone would like to see what she looks like.

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