Mom: Yorkie Poo, Dad: Yorkie-Pug

by Kayla c

When i first saw him in 2014

When i first saw him in 2014

When i first saw him in 2014
Early 2016


I am the girl in a picture of this same dog late in 2014.

His name is Copper and he is now a year and some as of early 2016.

He is a happy boy, and is trained well(if I do say so myself since I trained him).

As you can tell, he is more Yorkie and pug than poodle.

Due to the coloration of his hair he kind of looks like a beagle. He is a perfect small dog and has many more years to come.

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you so much for sharing your dog's story with us. He looks very sweet and lovable.

It is so hard sometimes to predict what a designer dog will look like or act like as an adult, but it sounds as though the Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle and Pug make an excellent combination.

Feel free to come back and post updates as he grows. Let us know what his personality is like, his health and anything else you care to contribute.

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