My Silkese

by Susan
(Queensland Australia)

My sweet-faced dog

My sweet-faced dog

I found your site this evening and enjoyed browsing some of the pages. I will be back to enjoy some more! I couldn't resist sharing a picture and a couple of stories about my own little 'Designer' dog. His parents were not pure breds but he has not noticed his lack of pedigreed ancestors so I never mention it to him. Lol!

My Silkese is a Maltese/Silky Terrier mix and he couldn't be sweeter. He looks more like a Maltese than a Silky Terrier. His face is so kind, people often remark about how good-natured he is before they even get to know him.

He is very much a one person dog who suffers a bit from separation anxiety when he doesn't know where I am. This causes my equally dog-loving husband a bit of jealous pique at times. Lol!

He is a little stubborn about when it is good to stop barking, but if I spend a little time with him he is very good at picking up voice and hand signals in training sessions.

He loves companionship and has become my little muse when I craft. I even call him my 'craft dog' as he lays across the back of my chair whenever I am working on a project! My craft students and friends are quite used to him being a silent witness in classes and demonstrations.

Kind regards

Hi, Janice here from Small Dog Place

Thank you so much, Susan, for visiting and sharing your dog's story with us. Your dog is a real cutie and very smart, it would seem. In fact, with all those craft classes under his belt, we may discover he's not only smart, but very creative too.

If you come home someday and find a craft project that you didn't do yourself, suspect the dog!

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May 06, 2019
Susan's Silkese Reminds me of my Silkese
by: Anonymous

I found that a lot of people don't know much about the Silkese/Silktese dog breed. So I wrote a blog about the breed based on my experience with my own Silkese. He is very polite too. I really enjoyed Susan's story.

Pics of my Silkese can be found at for anyone interested in Silkese.

Sep 25, 2016
Craft Dog
by: Susan

Lol! I will bear that in mind if I ever do find a craft project I did not make myself :-) I wish he would be more helpful when I am designing projects for classes. Maybe all it will take is a suggestion or two that he should join in on the brainstorming? He is rather polite so may be just waiting for an invitation.

Thank you for publishing my story.

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