Not all Dogs are Lap Dogs

by Ken Weeks
(Crestview, FL)

Our 7 year old Shih-Tzu is an 8 lb Imperial. She is female, was spayed @ 9 mos, and prefers to be with us both no matter where we are, indoors or outdoors. Her Name is Tinker.

She sleeps most of the time but she does enjoy pleasing us.

Stubborn? Yes.

But that's another story. She is definitely "NOT" a lap dog. She will get next to us on couch or in bed, but she doesn't enjoy being picked up.

She allows us to pick her up to put her in car. She will get on my wife's lap to look out the window, but that's the closest that she get's to being a "lap" dog.

Great dog and get's along well with our Male 95lb Golden Retriever, Tucker.

Crestview, FL

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Jan 19, 2019
Shih-Tzu is not a lap dog
by: Anonymous

I've had two Shih-Tzu's, one male and one female and neither one of them were lap dogs. The male would jump out of your lap if you tried to hold him, although he was always very affectionate at other times. I still have a 13 year old female Shih-Tzu, and she will not stay on our lap either. Just FYI, the male Shih-Tzu had a sweeter personality. If you want a lap dog, get a Maltese.

Jul 03, 2015
Lap dog, no
by: Anonymous

My adopted little lady Shiz Tzu, is another "non lap dog". This is a breed I had not had before and I did not know what to expect. She just loves to have my company, an follows me from room to room, sitting near the doorway to be sure she knows when I leave !!.
She sleeps on the bed, and has become my treasured friend.
For 8yrs old, she has settled into living with me , but she does like a cuddle after breakfast.
I am pleased to say, she had been trained to be left at home fo short periods, and I have now got her to enjoy the car.
She is my "little black furry princess"

Jul 02, 2015
Individual Differences Within A Breed
by: Janice

A few weeks ago I was traveling with a Tiny Shih Tzu puppy. The trip was scheduled to take about four hours and since this was the puppy's first car ride, I did not know what to expect. For the first two hours,the puppy bounced around in the carrier and then on my lap. Not once did he want to settle.

After about two hours of climbing, whining, wiggling and trying to get to freedom, he finally fell asleep. This slumber lasted all but 20 minutes. Knowing puppies, I realized that the first thing puppies like to do when they wake up is find a place to eliminate. This place, I determined, was not going to be in my lap, my car and preferably not in his crate. So I looked for a rest stop.

As we were walking around on the grass at the closest rest stop, another dog owner spotted us and must have read my mind. She came over to introduce herself and her "puppy" an 80 pound greyhound. Not knowing what my car ride had been like, this greyhound owner immediately began talking about how her greyhound insisted on being a lapdog and how difficult it was to drive with a big greyhound on her lap.

All I could think about was the definition of a lap dog. There is always going to an exception to everything we think we know about dogs.

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