Pippa, Maltese, 11 years old

by Alissa
(North Carolina, US)

She's my cuddle buddy. She's VERY smart but also a "recreational barker." She's most attached to my mother, but she's fiercely protective of myself and my mom. We did not train her very well in regards to barking. However, if you have the time and energy to train Maltese puppies, I highly recommend them. (We've had two.) They're hypoallergenic and will adore you for as long as they live.
Good luck with finding a new little love!

Thank you, Alissa, for sharing your little cuddle buddy with us.

Hi, I'm Janice from Small Dog Place, and I love the Maltese breed. I've had two; they have been so precious, loyal, and devoted to their family. But I do understand what you are saying as far as their barking habits are concerned.

Some can be barkers who will alert you to someone coming to your home. Some will bark if they see something they think should not be there, whether a squirrel or a large package delivered while they weren't looking.

Some are what you call "recreational barkers." These are those who like to carry on conversations with dogs three blocks down the road or love to hear the sound of the voices. Still, others will carry on a conversation with you with their barking.

The bottom line is that any "quiet small dog breed" can be barkers, and some breeds known as yappy can be quiet. Even though breeds share many similar characteristics, they are still individuals with unique genetic makeups and environments that might cause them to act in one way or another.

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