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Dog Breed Pages:  The Shiba Inu and the Indian Spitz

Product Reviews:  Suchgood Water Additive, Book Review

Recommendations:  Plane Travel with an ESA

Important Links:  Most Popular Pages

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is intelligent, independent and foxlike. Learn about the breed, description, personality, history, health and find out if this breed might be the best choice for you.  Newly revised with up-to-date information

Shiba Inu - Complete Dog Breed Profile | Small Dog Place

Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz, intelligent and energetic, is one of the top 15 popular breeds in India, where they originated. Find out why.  This is a brand new small breed profile page added to Small Dog Place

"Indian Spitz: Complete Dog Breed Profile Plus Pros and Cons"

Plane Travel with an ESA: What You’ll Need to Know

If your small dog is also your ESA and you are planning some travel this year, you will want to read this.  Some rules have changed and some are likely to change in the next year.

If plane travel with an esa is on your bucket list, there are a few things you must know before planning your trip.

Plane Travel with an ESA: What You’ll Need to Know

You know Your Dog Loves You Because, an unbiased Book Review

Small Dog Place offers unbiased product reviews regularly, but book reviews are an exception.  Here's a review you may find helpful, especially if you are looking for a gift for that special someone or even yourself.

You Know Your Dog Loves You, is a cleverly written, and well illustrated book depicting all the ways our dogs show us love. Unbiased Review of the Book

Continue reading "You know Your Dog Loves You Because, an unbiased Book Review"

Suchgood Pet Dental: Is there an Alternative to Brushing? Review

Suchgood Pet Dental health: an unbiased review of pet dental products that work without the need for daily brushing.  Check out this review, especially if your small dog hates to have his teeth brushed.  This product offers an easy alternative that both of you will appreciate.

"Suchgood Pet Dental: Is there an Alternative to Brushing? Review"

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Just in case you've missed some of our most popular pages, I've included them here for you to browse.

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