Small Dog Place Book Review

I'm a member of the Dog Writers Association and the author of a new book: You Know Your Dog Loves You Because… The Sweet, Silly, and Scientific Ways Our Dogs Show Us How Much They Love Us.

The book is a joyful celebration of the bonds between dogs and owners. We would love to have our book reviewed by you and your wonderful site. We would send you a physical copy. I think your audience would love it. There are a lot of small dogs featured in the book.

The book features the work of award-winning illustrator, and contributor to The New Yorker, Mark Sean Wilson, and is composed of 50 illustrated panels with captions.

Thank you. I hope to hear back from you


Jeff Parks

Janice here from Small Dog Place

I would be glad to review your book. It sounds very heart-warming and it appears as if any dog lover would be able to immediately relate to the illustrations.

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