This is Scooter, My Shorkie Puppy

by Deanna

Scooter is a Shorkie and he is a very sweet boy. He is 16 weeks old and has a lot of energy. He likes to play with my other Shih Tzu dogs and doesn't like to be too far out of my sight.

Hi Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you for taking the time to submit your new puppy's picture and story. He looks like a very sweet little Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu mix, and by the looks of the photo, very pampered and extremely happy.

Shorkies may be just the perfect mix for someone looking for a puppy/dog that will cuddle and be utterly devoted to their owners.

Yorkies tend to shed less hair so this mix might also be good for someone with allergies.

Although Shih Tzu dogs are not known to shed much of their hair onto the floor or furniture, their double coat is a little harder to manage day-to-day than the Yorkie's single silky coat so that too may be a plus for some people.

In my opinion, Yorkies have a little more energy than many Shih Tzu dogs, though when both are puppies, they are very energetic.

The biggest plus as I see it to mixing the two breeds has to do with health. Even though the Yorkshire Terrier does not have a really long nose or stop, it is lengthier than the Shih Tzu's short brachycephalic face.

Shih Tzu dogs suffer from all sorts of breathing problems as a result of these very short noses and almost flat faces.

By adding just a little length to expand the short palate and make breathing a little easier is a major improvement.

As Deanna mentioned, they still have lots of energy and plenty of desire to play and be around other dogs.

If I had to guess, Scooter will become best friends with his "brothers and sisters."

This is a great mix for anyone who wants love, loyalty, plenty of cuddles and even a lap dog. Thank you again, Deanna for posting and telling us about your new Shorkie.

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Feb 26, 2023
Question about 1 vs 2 Shorkie's
by: Leslie

I am getting a Shorkie puppy next week and am trying to decide if I get just the puppy I picked out or if I also bring home his litter mate. I like the idea of just one dog but am wondering if having both would help with any separation anxiety when I am away from the condo during the day. Thoughts?

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