Cinnamon and Max - House Rules...

by Richard
(Sacramento, CA USA)

Little Pup, Listen to Your Elders!

Little Pup, Listen to Your Elders!

Cinnamon, our Spaniel mix, of about 12 years, is explaining the House Rules to our new baby Beagle.

Max, the Beagle apparently crossed a line and is being read the riot act in this photo.

It was Max's first day here.

Later they were inseparable.

Cinnamon never bit or went after anyone, or anybody in her 16-½ years with us. Though she looks a bit scary in the photo.

Our boy Max only made it 7 years with us, and cancer got him. WAY too soon.

This one of my all-time favorite photos...

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place
Your story of Cinnamon and Max is so heartwarming and provides a lesson to anyone interested in adding a second dog to their household.

At first glance, we may assume that as pet owners we should immediately step in to protect the new puppy. But that may not be the best advice.

This picture captures in a nutshell, just how the dynamics of dog interactions might unfold. Cinnamon is definitely defining the house rules to this little beagle who may have already broken an unwritten rule or two.

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