Dog Boots:  Why Your Pooch Needs Them

5 Advantages of Dog Boots   |Updated 04-13-2024

Taking care of your dog and adorning them is one of the most beautiful parts of your pet journey. As they grow up, you leave no stone unturned to facilitate their life. Not to forget, they reciprocate your affection, and in no time they become a part of your family.

Their comfort becomes your priority, and you are always on a hunt to get them the best of accessories and clothing. While there are plenty of options and variety that are available in the market, you may not be able to decide what to buy and what not while many consider them buying them dog boots.

A black and white dog is resting on a pillow.5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Dog Boots

Apart from looking adorably cute, the dog boots come with various advantages to you and your dogs. So, this blog would tell you about how advantageous boots are to your pet.

5 Advantages of Dog Boots

1.  Protection From the Cold

A small dog is taking a walk with several people on a snowy day.Dog Boots help protect your furbaby's paws from cold, ice and snow.

While walking in cold weather or snow, you might have noticed your dog picking up his paws and licking them. It might be their indication that they are feeling cold. The extreme cold conditions can cause them frostbite and freezer burn and can bring extreme discomfort to them.

Getting them shoes will help to insulate their paws against the weather extremes and keep them warm. The footwear will help keep their feet to stay dry and comfortable, especially if they are out walking for a prolonged period.

Also, cold weather causes their paw pads to get dry, rough, and even cracked. Cracked paw pads can cause skin breaks that can turn into irritation and even infection. After moisturizing their feet with wax, or moisturizer salve, you can cover them with their shoes for better protection during this harsh weather. 

2. Enhance Their Looks and Add Style

A fashion-conscious dog is wearing a coat with matching shoes.Stylish dog boots (shoes) create a stunning fashion statement.

If you like to keep your dogs up to date, with fashion, and style, invest in those adorable looking booties. They come in various designs and can bring a huge difference to the fashion quotient of your pooches.

To begin with, you can get a basic pair and see how your dog adapts to them. Making them wear one shoe at a time or a pair, and gradually when they are comfortable, you can make them wear all fours.

Once they adopt, fill their wardrobes with various colors and styles, to suit the personality of your dog. Alternatively, you can get some color-coordinated outfits for them or pair them with their collar and harness, so when they walk out with you, they look as stylish as you do.

3. It Helps You Maintain Your Home

Every time your pooches come home from a walk, you may well want them to be washed and thoroughly clean before they step on your carpet and climb on your bed for a cuddle. It is difficult and almost impossible for you to wash them on every occasion they have been out.

Going out in boots will keep their feet clean and prevent them from bringing any outside dust and bacteria into your house. Also, getting rid of paw nail scratches from your wooden and laminate floors can be a task. A light dog shoe on them, while they are around the house, can save you the hustle of maintaining floors, especially when your canine gets all naughty and active.

4. Protect Against Road Injuries and Chemical Threats

A white dog is wearing pink dog bootsSome dog boots are made for protection in rainy weather

Some breeds may be well suited to weather conditions and rough surfaces to walk on. However, you may rethink about getting them some kind of protection from man-made surfaces, especially the ones that get slippery in the rains or hot in the summers.

You can choose light boots that are waterproof and do not provide insulation but protection for the rainy season. You can get them different booties for winter walking, especially with the harsh de-icing chemicals and salts that they put on roads to clear snow.

Your dogs can ingest disinfectant or any road chemicals and salt, by licking them from their feet and can impose health hazards on them. Your canines are precious to you, it is crucial to protect them against such odds.  

5. Use Them as Extra Support

Your elderly dog, as a little pup might find it difficult to balance when they walk and may require some support on slippery surfaces; non-slip boots can help them keep their balance.

Since your older dogs are fragile and are also prone to age-related diseases such as chronic arthritis, orthopedic boots can provide them good support and make walking comfortable for them.

Likewise, your young, energetic dog may go rampant while running and playing around on concrete and edgy surfaces, good boots can help them with better ground grip.  

Pin for Future Reference

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How to Measure for Dog Boots

As you would expect, dog boots come in a variety of sizes. 

  • To choose the correct size, have your dog place his paws flat on the floor. 
  • Use a cloth type tape measure. 
  • Measure from where the paw meets the floor on one side, over the paw to where the tape measure meets the floor on the other side.

Final Words

Initially, dog shoes might be awkward for your lovely pet; it takes a little time for them to get used to them. But, gradually, you will realize that it has been one of the best gifts you could have given to your canine.

From their safety and comfort, you can choose their shoes to fulfill any of their age-specific or seasonal needs. Getting them a pair of cute little shoes can be a great way to extend their wardrobe and accessories. Also, that they look beautiful and stylish, those little paws will thank you.

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