Dog Toys:  5 Common Mistakes All Owners Make

Dog Toys     By Mildred Delgado     |Published 05-09-2020

Keeping our dogs entertained and active is an integral part of being a dog owner. While some wouldn’t think twice about buying their dogs specific toys it’s important to notice what will benefit your dog’s mental and physical side.

With this in mind, there are a few things as a dog owner you should stay clear of when it comes to their toys. 

A corgi is eying a small soccer ball.

5 Common Mistakes Owners Make with Dog Toys

1. Buying The Wrong Size Dog Toys

A small black and white hybrid dog is playing with a dog toy.

Depending on what breed your dog is you need to be careful of what toy size you buy for your dogs. When it comes to buying toys for your dogs, most toys will have a recommended size range which is a guide for how appropriate the toy is for different breeds.

If you buy a small toy for a big dog, like a Great Dane or Labrador, they could potentially choke on it and possibly stop them from breathing. The same advice goes for smaller dogs, if you give a Yorkshire Terrier a big toy, they won’t be able to chew on it easily.

The takeaway is to buy a toy that’s safer for your dog, appropriate in size, and one that they can easily play with.  

2. Not Replacing Old Toys

A Chihuahua is chewing on a dog toy

Unfortunately, because of the nature of dogs it’s unlikely that their toys will last long due to them being ripped or chewed apart.

Most dog toys are pretty durable but after a period of time they can become worn out and broken down into smaller pieces “This is when you need to throw them out” says Richard Mayberry, pets’ writer at Australia2write and Britstudent.

“When torn up, dog toys can become increasingly dangerous as potential choking hazards and potentially risky for your dog’s well-being. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to replace the toy as soon as you notice it falling apart.” 

3. Not Using Multi-Purpose Dog Toys 

A white dog is lying in the grass with a ball.

While most dog owners will buy toys for the sole purpose of entertaining their pup, it’s a good idea to buy a toy that has multi-purpose actions. This means buying dog toys that help your dog brush their teeth or perhaps food dispensary toys for your dog that eats too fast.

These types of toys are great for helping out with those mundane dog owner chores. Buying these sorts of toys, you can save you a lot of time and energy. There is a range of toys and games you can buy to help with dogs that have a lot of energy like brain games to calm them down and help with problem-solving situations. Your dog can then accomplish something useful.  

4. Not Rotating Dog Toys 

A brown dog is mouthing a stuffed dog toy.

Just like humans, dogs can get tired and bored with the same thing if they only play with it every day. “To avoid your dog becoming bored of their toys and needlessly buying new ones, only allow your dog to play with a certain number or toys at a time,” says Holly Hopkins, lifestyle blogger at Writemyx and Nextcoursework.

“If you notice your dog becoming bored with any one of their toys take it away, clean it, and keep it from them for a while. They’ll usually forget about their toy when you bring it out again it will be as if you’ve bought them a new toy all over again.” 

“If you notice your dog becoming bored with any one of their toys take it away, clean it, and keep it from them for a while. They’ll usually forget about their toy when you bring it out again it will be as if you’ve bought them a new toy all over again.” 

5. Buying Toys Your Dog Doesn’t Like 

A chihuahua wearing a bow is posing with a yellow duck toy in front of a pink background.

It may seem strange, but even dogs have likes and dislikes just like us humans. When it comes to toys they want something that will suit them and their needs, that’s why it’s important to choose toys that your dog will like and play with.

Whether it’s a toy that makes noise, has a face, is shaped like an animal, or is durable and can be chewed all day, you should pay attention to what toy your dog goes for. The dog will rarely go for toys they don’t enjoy so try and buy similar ones they like instead of wasting money. 


While buying your dog new toys can seem time-consuming it is important that you choose the right toys to avoid any potential danger and keep your dog entertained. This will ultimately lead to your pooch being content with what you give them and you’ll be happy to have them playing again. 

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