Lap Dogs Helped me Heal: A true story

by Carol Hopkins
(Las Vegas, Webb County, Nevada)

Imperial Shih Tzu (Photo added by Small Dog Place)

Imperial Shih Tzu (Photo added by Small Dog Place)

I have always had dogs from 2 Great Pyrenees, I moved on to three Westies, then 3 Yorkies, 2 Maltese, 2 toy poodles & 1 Imperial Shih Tzu love them all.

I am excited to have the opportunity to learn more about a more healthy way to feed these animal friends.

I had a quadruple heart attack and my little friends helped me get through the next two years They are doing great and because of their love and attention, I am on the mend.

I am 82 years old and they and my incredible son keep me going. There is peace in their beings which keeps me going.

God has given me dogs since I was very young and had asthma. Your guidance will help me keep them healthy and on the go longer. Every day with them is a gift from GOD!

Janice here from Small Dog Place

Thank you, Carol for such a heart-warming story. As dog lovers, we all know that dogs can help us heal but now there is scientific proof that their presence really does help us in so many ways. Check out some of our articles to read more about how dogs can help us, both physically and mentally.

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