Milo the Bichon's Happy Ending Story

Milo was bought by our daughter in law at Christmas.

Poor Milo was unwanted within a very short time due to his non-stop barking. Milo was living in a housing estate, and anything else that moved in the estate was unwelcome to Milo regardless of its size.

We took Milo in to give him a home while our son was looking for a permanent home for him, but Milo soon made himself at home with us and after a short time we wouldn't part with him.

He is a fantastic pet around young children so gentle and playful; he is like a real live teddy bear.

Milo loves to travel in the car and is always alert for his master to put on his coat or pick up the keys. He likes to get his head out the window and bark at everything he sees.

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you for posting Milo's story. People love happy endings, and I know I do too, but it is always so heartwarming to know that one's unwanted dog is another's treasured companion. Thanks for giving Milo a good home.

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