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Benefits of Spinach for Dogs

Spinach for Dogs

by EBknows     |Published 04-28-2020

You might be astounded to learn that Spinach is a major punch on the health benefits of pups, and especially special in its variety of basic (but still great) nutrients. Know why you should consider sharing spinach with your pup and how to do so in a healthy and delicious way.

Spinach leavesBenefits of Spinach for Dogs

5 Benefits of Spinach for Dogs

Let’s find out some of the amazing benefits of Spinach for dogs.

Abundant Vitamins and Minerals

It contains many amazing minerals, such as copper (associate to red blood cells growth) and magnesium (a required cell strength and power production factor), while the vitamin and nutrients of spinach are most accolades. 

Good for Eyes

spinach leaves

Spinach includes a family of fat-soluble pigments, including lutein, zeaxanthin, and chlorophyll called soluble fibers. They offer spinach leaves that are the vibrant green color that has shown to increase the ability of dogs to analyze light and dark, which is especially important when the dogs are older, to help healthy eyes.


Spinach is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and enzymes that protect cells from free radical damage—those highly reactive molecules in the body that weaken and kill cells, accelerate the aging process and leave damaged cells at risk of disease.

High-level of Vitamin K

Spinach offers high amounts of vitamin K, which is an effective player in maintaining healthy bone marrow, particularly the ability of the blood to coagulate normally. Often, vitamin K helps to support healthy bones and heart health.

Prevent Cancer

baby spinach leaves in a bowl

When you have a dog which is a breed that is susceptible to other diseases, it may be a good idea to incorporate spinach into their diet. 

Spinach has long been recognized as human cancer prevention, but recent findings show that it can also aid in animal cancer-fighting. Scientists claim the job is done by the ample availability of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

The spinach folate also allows the body to create new cells as DNA is being repaired.

How to Safely Keep Spinach for Dogs

If you consider feeding your dog's spinach it's necessary to prepare it safely and in a way that dogs can best digest it.

The fastest way to get it ready is to steam. Boiled spinach loses much of its nutrients, and it is hard for a dog to eat the raw spinach. 

When steamed, don't add any spices, herbs, salt, butter, onion, or garlic, because some of these could be poisonous to dogs. 

Before steaming, don't forget to wash the leaves thoroughly even if the packaging level says that the spinach was pre-washed.

bowl of spinachRinse, chop and steam the broccoli for dogs

Chop the spinach; the digestive tract of a dog can not break down vegetables the way we do. If the kidneys of your dog are good, and you want to feed him with spinach, feed him in very occasional small quantities only. It could reduce the risk of calcium malabsorption and damage to the kidneys.

Cons Of Feeding Your Dog Spinach

Spinach is rich in Oxalic Acid, preventing the body from absorbing calcium and causing damage to the kidneys. There is a certain science to support this.

Soluble oxalates, containing oxalic acid, bind in the blood with magnesium and calcium which restrict the availability of these electrolytes.

This results in a low level of calcium in the blood, which can induce a sudden metabolic imbalance. Calcium oxalate is excreted through the kidneys and can cause kidney damage, including kidney failure, by a significant amount.

When not to feed Spinach to your Dog?

Spinach is high in citric acid which inhibits the ability of the body to digest calcium and can result in damage to the kidneys.  You shouldn't have a problem if you are letting your dog eating in moderation.

When you have a pup with a history of kidney problems, consult your doctor before giving your dog spinach. Since the amount considered to be high will vary among various breeds, you might also want to consult your vet about the correct serving size and frequency for your dog.

As with any new food, it is a good idea to start slowly and work to the optimum serving size.

Conclusion - Spinach for Dogs

Spinach may be one of the most controversial debates about which human foods are healthy for dogs. Experts caution that spinach can have drastic adverse impacts on dogs' long-term well being which is why the debate on this topic has always been polarized between dogs and dogs who believe spinach is healthy.

While all of the excellent vitamins, iron, and antioxidants present in spinach may be highly helpful to dogs' well being, so much spinach may lead to problems in blood Calcium and also the general operation of the kidneys over a dog's existence.

Spinach should never necessarily be offered to dogs every day, and it should be undoubtedly used as an incentive to improve the health of dogs. Learn more about it here.

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Pin showing a bowl of spinach, cutting board and knifeBenefits of Spinach for Dogs

Author Bio - Spinach for Dogs

EB had a pug for over 8 years. Ebknows.com is a website where he is sharing things about dogs, as well as the ultimate resource for caring, raising, and learning everything about the dogs, or information if you’re trying to decide the right dog breed for you.

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