How to Stop a Dog From Jumping
On You and Everyone Else

Stop a Dog from Jumping    By Carlos Garcia  |Published 08-21-2019

If your dog jumps on visitors when entering your home, or jumps and nips at you, find the solution here.

A dog is jumping on a person's legsHow to Stop a Dog from Jumping

We have a fair amount of training to give you today so we’ll get right to it.

There are several causes of dog jumping. Does there need to be specific commands for each case?

Nope. And that’s because the result would be the same anyway:

Stop Jumping

We’ll cover practical obedience because no one wants to ignore their dog all day.

Otherwise, what's the purpose of having a little dog anyway!

Where Will the Training be?

Keeping things easy, I focused on one environment of Modification. Our most commonplace of struggle is at our residence. 

Someone walks in, and “Pip” is all over them. Before you know it your visitor trips, steps on Pip, and whatever else is imaginable to man.

What Will the Training be?

The ”place” command is the best option to stop a little dog from bouncing on humans in your home. Why not a ”down command, you might be asking?” 

Shorter dogs can break this down position quickly and easily become aroused. Even if they decide to obey, they may get close to the person before listening. 

Also, it takes more work. 

The Dog Command, "Place"

“Place” will be located on the side of the room to help your animal friend with self-control. Also, if he breaks the command, you have time to get in between to reinforce.

The other benefit to this protocol is that you don't have to bend down to do it, which enables anyone to do it.

How to Teach "Place" to Stop a Dog From Jumping

To begin this training, get treats and make sure your wee buddy is ready for a meal. If he's picky, use fish or chicken but cut it up very small. 

Think,” will the size of this treat get my dog full too quickly?”

You also may use a training pouch for quick release.

For the target location, use an elevated pet bed, towel, or dog bed. Whatever suits you. 

Supplies You Will Need

  • Tiny treats 
  • A pouch to keep treats handy
  • A target location (such as a pet bed, towel, blanket, etc.)
  • Leash and Collar
Supplies needed to teach the dog command, "Place"Supplies needed to teach the dog command, "place." Leash and Collar ~ Bed or blanket ~ Training Treats ~Treat Holder

Stop a Dog From Jumping - Step 1: The Food Lure

First, position yourself & your pet next to the desired object (pet bed, etc.)

Hold the food to the dog's nose or further away if he’ll follow it, and lead him on the location. What, He won't go on your desired object?

In that case, toss a couple treats on it, stand up straight and ignore him. Let him focus on the reward.

Once he’s on the mat give him a treat.

Stop a Dog from Jumping - Step 2: The Release 

This step is too easy! Just create a little distance, causing him to leave the bed. 

Did he stay on? That’s just because he’s associating it with something valuable. 

For this toss a treat on the floor. He’ll be sure to leave his spot.

After this repeat step one and two a few times until he's predictable.

Stop a Dog from Jumping - Step 3 Verbal Command

Once "Fido" gets comfy with these last two steps, add the word ”Place” before you lure him up.

By now, he should look more natural. As with the first step, draw him on the bed again.

Stop a Dog from Jumping - Step 4 Eliminate Hand Movements

As he crawls on the bed, pull your hand back so that you don't lure him completely.

Your current goal is to fade out the use of your hand. You would reward him then when he's in position.

Many people struggle with this simply because they worry. 

Don't worry, just do it. His muscle memory will take over and assist you. 

So your arm will extend an inch less with every repetition until you’re arm is next to your body, flicking your fingers out to get him to obey. 

Still, don’t believe you can do this? Just do it anyway. He will let you know how to adjust.

Stop a Dog from Jumping - Step 5: Add Distance

At this point, "Fido" should quickly go to his spot and hold it for several seconds with your verbal command

Now, after you give the treat take a small step back with one foot and quickly return to him with another treat. 

Repeat, taking a step back with both feet and returning to the original, closer distance.

Before you add more distance, add more time to the one step you have already achieved. 

Your goal should be to send your dog to “Place” from across the room when needed.

How much distance will this require?

Practically speaking, get about halfway across the room (unless you have a mansion). 

Stop a Dog from Jumping - Step 6: Achieve Reliability 

There's a lot of fancy-looking dog obedience these days. Perhaps you have observed a dog perform impressive commands for a reward. 

Could he do it under intense distractions?

Make sure your dog performs in real-world situations!

To do this use a 6-foot leash and a flat buckle collar. 

What will those do for us?

The 6 ft leash is long enough to give the distance we need but also short enough so you can move your hands fast.Not to mention, results for when you have visitors!

The flat collar is the collar you usually see on a dog in public. It can be plastic, nylon, or leather. It also connects by a plastic insert or a needle through a hole.It's wise to use this collar to start with in case your dog is sensitive.

Most people wouldn't consider this collar aversive, yet it's often all you need with a small dog.Your dog already understands ”place” and has a good foundation for self-control.

Now is the time to incorporate some humane accountability.

Using a Leash to Send

With your dog equipped with lead and collar say ”place” then bring him to the area using your leash.

So then, you can easily send your dog using the leash but also get him to stay there.

Using the Leash for ”Stay”

To get him to stay there still gradually add steps away from him but now hold the leash handle. 

If when you add distance, he steps off, quickly encourage him back with the leash.

To continue adding distance, you can get a longer leash or clip two together.

Also, use both hands on the leash for the right timing. Put one hand in the leash handle and use the other like a zip line (palm up).

Using the Leash for Duration 

Besides this being non-negotiable make your dog remain in the spot for more extended periods.

Using the leash do a couple of repetitions of 15 seconds on ”place,” then 30 seconds, minutes at a time and so on.

Lastly, don't forget to release it! 

Stop a Dog From Jumping - Step 7:Get Your Dog to Behave Around Visitors 

If you put in the work up to this point, good job.

Now it's time to prove our little friend for the real thing!.

How to Hit His Triggers

Start at the beginning of the jumping-scenario. Begin with someone knocking or ringing the doorbell. 

Communicate with the person via cell phone.

Is your dog already flipping out at this point? Of course, he is. That's why we're using the leash!

Have the person stay outside.

When they hit the bell, say ”Place” and follow-through as I taught you.

How to Get Passed The Excitement 

Would your dog go nuts again if your decoy rang it a second time? Then tell the person to stay outside and do it again. You keep commanding him to the spot. 

Be patient with this. It will only be so long before the doorbell sounds, and your dog remains calm. 

Continue Taking it Step-By-Step

Then take it to the next level!

Have the friend open the door only to close it again, then direct Cujo to the mat. 

Can you see where this is going? It won’t be long before he generalizes and it gets easier. 

And easier

And easier.

Some dogs can be more persistent, less sensitive, demanding, you name it!

I get that!

There are also safe, small training collars you can use if you need to. One is the micro-pinch Collar. 

If you have a Yorkie or another type of dog with a weak trachea, do get professional advice!

Author bio: Stop a Dog from Jumping

Carlos Garcia (CFSDT) does dog training in Cherry Hill, NJ. There he specializes in dog aggression and emphasizes humane methods at Exclusive Dog Training LLC.  Carlos is grateful for his relationship with Jesus Christ.

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