What's it Really Like to Live with a Bichon Frise? Meet Maverick.

by Penguina Momoo

Maverick, a Bichon Frise from South Carolina USA

Maverick, a Bichon Frise from South Carolina USA

Ever wonder what it is really like to live with a Bichon Frise? Think High Energy, Personality Plus, Very Smart, and perhaps a little mischievous. Throw in a dose of love and affection and what do you get? A Bichon, of course.

Here's a typical Bichon Frise from South Carolina, (USA) that is full of fun and a few surprises.

He is 9 months old now and his stubborn personality is quite apparent. If he does not like being told “No!” he will talk back to me and even stamp his feet at me. He pretends not to hear me call him and will not look at me when I try to correct his behavior. If it sounds like he is high spirited, he is!

But, he is also super affectionate and sweet. He loves being petted and talked to. He has taken to me more than my husband which makes him display separation anxiety every time I am out of his sight. Five minutes in the bathroom leaves him howling and clawing at the door.

He is trained to pee/poop pads inside his exercise pen and usually does very well about going there and even comes to tell us what he has done and we give him a treat.

However, if we are not paying enough attention to him, he will blatantly “miss” the pad even looking to see if we are watching.

He knows what is right and knows when he is being a jerk. 🤣

His coat requires work to stop matting but he does not shed at all. When groomed he is beautiful.

His high energy zoomies are such fun to watch. But at bedtime he jumps on the bed and lays next to us, only getting up to go potty in his pen then back to bed. If he is too restless we put him in his pen that has access to his crate and he sleeps there.

We are quite happy with him and could not imagine him not being in our lives. Patience is required but the reward is immense.

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