Dog Pests All Pet Owners Must Know

Dog Pests include more than fleas and ticks.

Guest Post by Mark Stanford

What comes to mind when someone mentions dog pests?  Do you think about fleas and ticks?  How about mosquitoes, mites  or lice

All of these are potentially dangerous insects that can carry disease or make our furry friends miserable. 

But what about other flying insects?  We don’t always consider stings or bites such as a wasp sting as dangerous until it is too late. 

Swarming insect bites can make us very uncomfortable at best and at worse can be life threatening. 

Dog Pests

What about out little pets?  A few bites from wasps on a curious puppy can be deadly.  Let’s face it puppies and many inquisitive adult dogs are fascinated about moving insects-- and dogs don’t understand the risks that these bugs pose when they try to play with them.

I've had my share of near collisions with flying insects lately and it has taught me that anyone with a pet needs a professional exterminator, no matter where you live.

My first experience was with hornets building a nest on my front porch.  Since I'm used to seeing hornet hives hanging from higher places, I wasn't expecting one that had been build just underground.  My tiny Shih Tzu was the first to discover it and luckily she was faster than I was getting away.

My second experience happened this summer when I walked onto my deck.  An angry sworm of wasps were setting up a home just under the deck and I happened to walk near their construction site.  

Luckily the back door was not far as I raced back inside and my dogs were smart enough not to follow me out.  

I only sustained about 8 bites, but it took nearly the entire summer to heal.  

Can you imagine what would have happened if a little dog had been bitten that many times?

What are some of those dog pests that we should know about so we can take steps to reduce or eliminate the threat.

All pet owners are very aware of fleas. Those who own a pet, especially cats and dogs, have most probably dealt with fleas at some point in their pet’s life.

Treating the pet is definitely the first point of action when you notice the signs of an infestation, but bedding and furniture must be dealt with too, to avoid future repetitions of a flea problem.

Rodent (Rat)Rodents also pose a significant risk to pets

Rodents also pose a significant risk to pets. Many of our cats and dogs will chase a rat or mouse, but what if that rodent turned round and bit your pet?

Rodents transmit dangerous diseases, and one bite is all it takes to infect your pet.

It’s always prudent to look out for the signs of rodents around your home, such as droppings and chewed furniture, not only for the safety of your pets, for the safety of your family too.

Particularly in the summer months, wasps are aplenty. Wasps will sting any pet they feel threatened by, but dogs are the most sensitive to their venom.

These stings can potentially cause a kidney problem, and your pet may even be allergic to the sting, which is deadly.

If you know you have a wasps’ nest, keep all of your pets away from it, and let a professional pest controller handle the extermination and removal of the infestation.

Ticks are another common pest that pet owners come into regular contact with.

These parasites will suck the blood from your pet, and can also carry potentially deadly diseases.

If you have a pet that spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure you regularly check them over, and if you find a tick then take your pet to the vets immediately to have it removed.  

You can also learn to remove them properly yourself.

This awesome mega infographic has been bought to us by the pest experts at Pest Exterminators Ltd.

Remember that the best way to keep your pet safe from pests is to be vigilant about your pest prevention.

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