Top 5 Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in the Poconos

Enjoy every step of your favorite trip with your pet by renting a vacation home. No holiday enthusiast appreciates company more than the joyful frolicking of their pet. The Pocono Mountains are full of adventure and recreation opportunities for you and your beloved companion.

Here are some pet-friendly vacation rentals that can have you and your furry friend an adventure of a lifetime:

1. Chalet in Pocono for Family Reunions & Parties

Chalet Rental Property surrounded by the Pocono Mountains

Chalet in the Poconos is a great place to get away from the city and an excellent area for your pet to romp. The rental property, wrapped in the gorgeous Pocono Mountains, allows you to absorb the quiet serenity's natural environment to start your day.

The stay provides a variety of facilities to write about. The vacation house in the Pocono Mountains' Blakeslee neighborhood captures the festive vibe you've been missing. You can't go past this choice with two floors to pick from.

The upper floor hosts four bedrooms and five beds, and the latter has three bathrooms, along with a porch and fireplace to set your day alight. This spacious home can help you receive many guests who want to join you for a holiday.

2. Blakeslee Castle in the Green

The Blakeslee Castle in the Green is a luxury vacation rental in the Poconos

This is a perfect alternative if you want to spend your holiday in elegance and comfort. Visit our Tumbleweed vacation home for an unforgettable vacation.

The mansion, which is located in the Poconos' Blakeslee neighborhood, has every luxury imaginable. It contains four bedrooms with five beds—three on the top level and one on the lower level—two and a half bathrooms, and a backyard with a patio and fireplace. With a large home to enjoy, throwing a party is a piece of cake.

Each room features an air conditioner and a smart TV in terms of extras. Furthermore, this Blakeslee home has everything you need for fun and relaxation, with baths, a sitting room, and a pool table.

Blakeslee House provides you with the perfect getaway for your holiday, with the convenience of a home and the elegance of a vacation.

3. Lake Harmony Lakefront Home

A waterfront villa that is available as a pet friendly vacation rental in the Pocono mountains

Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own holiday home with a lakeside view. The waterfront villa is brimming with facilities that will ensure you enjoy every moment of your visit to the fullest.

The house has five bedrooms with a total of six beds and two bathrooms. The rental has high ceilings and large windows to enable you to fall into the natural flow making your vacation as relaxed as you want it to be.

Mornings become more memorable with a fantastic eating area and an open pathway to the lake. All you have to do with our best-in-class amenities is absorb nature's brightness and pump up every moment of celebration pawsible.

4.  Lake Carobeth Vacation Home

A pet friendly vacation rental in the Poconos with a view of Lake Carobeth

When you arrive at your holiday house, you are greeted with a beautiful view of Lake Carobeth. With a sitting space near the entry and windows large enough to sustain the home, the countryside property allows you to take in the natural air of the outdoors as required.

The house has six beds in three bedrooms, each with its bathroom. A fully equipped kitchen with a dining space and laundry complements the living room. So you may enjoy the warmth of an indoor fire while sinking into the cushions at night, and you'll be as snug as a bug in your lap.

5.  Elegant Countryside Villa in Tobyhanna

A  7500 square foot vacation rental that allows pets located near Tobyhanna

This property can accommodate any group that is joining you on vacation. The holiday property, located near Tobyhanna by the Pocono Mountains, allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains as well as the evergreen natural living.

The area is 7500 square feet, allowing you plenty of space to explore and enjoy your most significant moments. The rental provides plenty of parking space for your wheels.

The décor is contemporary, making you feel at home even thousands of miles away. The villa has first-rate amenities to ensure that you have a memorable vacation.

You can never go wrong with entertainment centers to assist you in experiencing gaming, sports, or a movie. Your dogs will be ecstatic with all the space of a house and more.

Your pet receives the best vacationing and joys you have on these holidays. To make that possible, every vacation rental provides all the necessities pets need to enjoy the abode.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in the Poconos:  Pin for Future Reference

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