Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs    |Published 09-29-2023

In a world of big dreams and cozy spaces, a dog breed has been capturing hearts and conquering apartment living, one stubby step at a time: 

With their wagging tails and endearing smiles, these furry friends have entered every home. Corgis are genuinely the perfect companions for compact living. But for anyone who knows the breed, they may question whether a Corgi can be happy living in an apartment.

Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs

A Corgi is sitting in a large fieldPembroke Welsh Corgi

In this article, we will explain why corgis are good apartment dogs and share other valuable information on how you can get an ESA letter for your dog, if you need that in order to keep your Corgi in your apartment.

Things to Look Out for With Dogs in Apartments

Apartments can be okay for dogs, but it depends on some crucial things. Not every dog breed can be kept in an apartment.  One of the most important things is the size of the house. If it's small, it might not be suitable for big or very active dogs.

Smaller dogs or those that don't need a lot of space can be happy in smaller places, which bodes well for a corgi!

Dogs need exercise no matter where they live. So, you should ensure you can take your dog for walks and play, even in an apartment. The kind of dog you have is essential, too. Some dogs are better for apartments because of their size and calmness.

Before you get a dog, you should also check the apartment’s rules about pets. Some apartments might not allow specific breeds or big dogs. You should also find out if there are extra fees for having a dog.

Having places nearby where your dog can play and go to the bathroom is helpful. Some apartments even have special areas for dogs to play or get cleaned up.

Training your dog is crucial, especially if they bark a lot. Being a good neighbor and cleaning up after your dog is also essential.

Lastly, having a routine for your dog is a good idea. This means feeding them, taking them out to do their business, and playing with them at the same time every day.

Does a Corgi Make a Good Apartment Dog?

Corgis can be good pets in apartments, especially compared to other dogs. There are a few reasons why they live well in apartments, and they could help your decision to move into a much easier apartment.

First, corgis are not very big dogs. So, they don't need much space to move around, which is excellent for apartments that may not be very spacious.

Second, corgis have a good amount of energy, but they're not super hyperactive. With some daily walks and playtime, they can be happy in an apartment without needing a huge yard.

Corgis are also known for being friendly and getting along with people and other dogs. This is important in an apartment where you're close to neighbors and their pets – corgis are smart so they can learn things quickly, too.

So, even if your corgi isn’t exceptionally well-behaved right now, you can teach them to behave well in your apartment and not cause trouble.  Training is always important, no matter what breed of dog you choose.

How Much Do you Know About Corgis?

A Word About the breeds

Did you know that there are two types of Corgis?  One breed of Corgi has a tail and the other one does not?  The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a thick bushy tail whereas the Pembrooke Welsh Corgi is born without a tail. 

Other than that, there is little difference in personalitiy, health concerns, or training methods. The biggest difference between the two dogs is that the Cardigan is slightly larger and has that thick bushy tail.  

Learn more about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Learn more about the Pembrooke Welsh Corgi.

Pembroke-Welsh-Corgi-300.jpgPembroke Welsh Corgi
Cardigan-welsh-corgi400.jpgCardigan Welsh Corgi

Can I Get an ESA Letter for My Corgi?

Getting an emotional support animal letter might sound complex and complicated, but it’s straightforward as long as you have the correct information. The first step in any case is qualification. You can find out more about this process in this guide.

To get an ESA letter for your corgi or any pet, you must have a mental health condition that makes your life harder. The pet should help you feel better and happier.

Once that’s established, you’ll need to ask for the letter. This letter should be on the professional's official letter paper. It has to say that you have a condition that makes you eligible for an ESA. It also needs to be said that having an ESA will help you with your treatment.

You need to be ready to pay too since, sometimes, you might have to pay a fee to get this letter. Talk about this with the mental health expert so you know the cost.

Every place might have different rules for ESAs. You should learn about these rules, especially if you want your corgi to live with you in a specific apartment or travel with you on an airplane.

Once you have the letter with you, you’ll need to show it to any authority related to your apartment or travel arrangements. Once they’ve seen the letter, they will likely have their own forms or steps to follow.

Move Into Your Apartment with Your Corgi

Now that you know why corgis are good for apartments, you’re ready to move them into your place.

Just make sure you know your apartment’s rules and regulations regarding pets. Some will only allow you to keep them if you have an ESA Letter confirming your eligibility for an ESA.

Corgis are friendly dogs, so it won’t be too hard to help them adjust to your apartment. Your attention, love, and time are the three most important things they’ll need!

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