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Bad Dog Behavior: Common Issues You Might Have and How To Solve Them

Bad Dog Behavior:  Common Issues You Might Have and How to Solve them, by Susan Combs   |Published March 5, 2019

A dog is barking and lunging toward something near the camera.Is it Bad Dog Behavior or a Lack of Training?

Labeling a dog as “bad” is not fair as it usually has to do with shortcomings of you as the owner.

Lack of knowledge about certain breeds is where this starts as someone might want a Siberian Husky not realizing the activity level that these beautiful dogs have.

There are no bad dogs but rather bad owners who have caused certain breeds to be considered aggressive or dangerous. The best thing that you can do is educate yourself about canine behavior before purchasing that puppy that you simply needed to take home.

Understanding the behaviors and signs of problems will make training much easier in the future. Below are common issues that many dogs have and how to solve them in a constructive as well as timely manner. 

Potty Training

Potty training can be an issue for owners that expect their dog to become potty trained in a matter of days. This is not always the case and getting overly upset can lead this to take far longer.

A dog might hide and go to the bathroom somewhere; it will not be found only to give your home an awful smell. This is going to take dedication as it can be tough to get up early to take your dog out, but it is imperative.

Your dog should know to let you know they have to go to the bathroom in one way or another. Some dogs scratch at the door while others stare/bark at you until they are taken out. Once you have them trained intermittently reward them, so they continue the good behavior.

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Aggression Towards House Guests

The worst thing that an owner of a dog can deal with is the dog being nothing but loving to the family in the home only to completely change when guests arrive.

You do not want your guests to be in constant fear of your dog, and you are risking your family’s financial well-being as well as the life of your dog.

A dog that bites someone can be put down or taken from a family, but state laws differ on this with some states allowing one reported bite with the second leading to euthanasia.

Socializing the dog from a young age is essential as they will think nothing of guests arriving. Introduce your dog in a calm environment to allow the dog to know you are accepting of the guests.

Otherwise, the dog could just be protecting you by showing aggression as you are the leader of their pack. 

Bad Dog Behavior: The Escape Artist

Escape artist dogs cannot be trained for the most part to not escape or run for the hills as soon as they slip their leash. Electric fences are useful, but this can be a failure if your dog has sight of a cat or other animal combined with a strong prey drive.

Dogs tend to try to dig under fencing so putting chicken wire a few inches down into the dirt can be a huge help. Once the dog tries to dig once they stop as the wire will stop them without risking any real injury. 

Bad Dog Behavior? Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior as your dog is distressed that you have left them even if it is for a small amount of time.

Medicating the dog is possible as CBD oil has been shown to reduce anxiety in dogs overall. Visit https://cannabidog.com/ for more information on this as the last thing you want is your dog to be suffering the entire time that you are gone.

To soothe this as well you need to start training your dog by leaving a little bit longer each time. This will allow them to figure out that you are coming back regardless of how long it might take. 

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Destroying The Home While You Are Out

Destroying the home can be a symptom of separation anxiety as mentioned above, but it can also be due to lack of exercise. Certain breeds need to be worn out for their mischievous side not to shine through.

With this being said locking up trash and other things that dogs commonly tear up is also imperative. The answer to this could be a long walk in the morning before you depart for work.

This is not an option for everyone, but there are reliable dog walking services that can help tire your dog out to the point of not being destructive.

With smart home technology, you can also help as there are things that can play your voice and tell a dog to stop what they are doing. A simple command for even the bravest of dogs that think their owner might be home can be enough. 

These common issues can be easily solved with the right training methods. Your dog is a part of your family so remember to have patience with them as it can take time to learn certain things. 

Meet the Author

Susan Combs, Author of "Bad Dog Behavior: Common Issues You Might Have and How To Solve Them"

Susan is a Pet Health and Safety expert. Her specialties include keeping up with important issues regarding pet health and pet care, working closely with pet parents to find answers concerning training, grooming and caring for specific breeds of dog

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