Ultimate List of Spanish Dog Names

By Janice Jones   |Updated 12-20-2023

If you're looking for a great Spanish Dog Name, you've found the place.

There are 21 countries in the world where Spanish is the official language.  It's not surprising that many people have fallen in love with the language because it is their native tongue or have fond memories of a vacation location.  

Maybe you have a Chihuahua or Mexican Hairless that needs just that perfect Spanish Dog name.  

Spanish Dog Names:  A Spanish Flag in front of a tourist areaSpanish Dog Names

Whatever the reason, we have tons of boy and girl names along with some clever Spanish food names, geographic locations and common words that make great Spanish Dog Names.


Pick a name that is easy to pronounce and not too long. Find one that seems to "fit" your dog.  Say it aloud and see how your dog responds.  Remember, small dogs live for 15 years and some live longer.  Find one that will bring joy to you for a long time.

Boy Spanish Dog Names and Meanings

Agustin:  The exalted one

Alejandro - Defender

Amato: Beloved

Amor:  From Latin meaning Love

Armando: Soldier

Benito: Blessed

Berto:  Meaning Bright

Bruno:  Brown

Burrito: Little donkey

Carlos: Strong

Castel: Belonging to a castle

Cesar:  Form of Caesar

Cruz:  Means Cross

Damian:  From the Greek meaning Tamer

Dante:  from Italian meaning Lasting

Diego:  Shortened form of Santiago

Diablo: Devil

Devante: Fighter of wrong

Domingo:  Spanish form of Dominic

Eduardo:  Protector

Emilio: Winner

Esteban: Crown

Fausto:  Spanish form of Faustus meaning lucky

Félix:  from Roman, meaning Lucky or Successful

Fidel: Faithful

Felipe: Lover of horses

Gizmo: Gadget

Galeno: Little bright one

Hector: Defend

Hugo (Hugh) meaning heart, mind, spirit

Jorge:  A form of George meaning a farmer or tiller of the soil 

José:  Spanish form of Joseph, "he will add"

Juan: Gracious

Julio: Soft-haired

Kapitan: Captain

Lorenzo: Means someone from Laurentum

Lucas: White

Marco: Warlike

Manuel: God is with us

Neron: Stern

Noe: Peace

Oleos: Holy oil

Paco:  From France

Pedro:  form of Peter or the rock

Quiero: Want

Quinto: Fifth

Rico: Noble ruler

Santos: Of the saints

Senon: Given life by Zeus

Tajo: Day

Umberto: Color of Earth

Ulrich: Leader

Vato: Guy

Vicente: Victory

Vido: Quick mind

Waldo: Ruler

Xavier:  Bright, Splendid

Ximen: Obedient

Xizor: Responsible

Yul: Past the horizon

Yum-Yum: Tasty

Zenon: Living

Zorro: Hero of the dawn

Girl Spanish Dog Names

Alba - Sunrise

Alma - Soul

Ana - Gracious

Bella - Beautiful

Carina - Beloved

Carissa - Cares

Carmen - Garden

Charo Form of Rosa

Chica - Little Girl

Cielo - Heaven

Dahlia - lives in the Valley

Delora, Dolores - Sorrows

Dora - Form of Eldora for your little Explorer (Dora the Explorer)

Eldora - Gift of Sun

Elsa - Truth

Eva - Life

Frida - Peace

Hada - Noble Spirit

Inés - Meek

Jaime (male or female) Supplanted

Justina - Righteous

Lalo - Sing a lullaby

Lola - Sorrows

Lupe - Valley of Wolves

Maria - Bitter

Marta - Lady

Mona - Little One

Neva - Radiance 

Nita - Grace

Ramona - Advice

Risa - Sand of the Village

Rita - Pearl

Rosa - Rose

Sonora - Pleasant

Vida (Male or Female) Wisdom

Spanish Dog Names Based on Foods

Bollos:  Sweet rolls

Chorizo: cured sausage that has spicy flavor 

Churros:  Fried pastry 

Croquetas or Croquettes:  A dish that combines something such as ham with other ingredients and then breaded and fried.

Gazpacho:  Chilled tomato soup with varied other ingredients

Jamón: cured ham is popular in Spain

Migas:  very traditional food made with torn up dry breadcrumbs

Paella:  popular dish in Spain that is made with chicken, rabbit or seafood.

Pisto:  A Spanish form of ratatouille

Tapa:  A Spanish appetizer

Tapas: Little plates

Tortilla Espanola:  Spanish omelette

and don't forget "Siesta," if you have a dog that loves to nap.

Words make Great Spanish Dog Names

Amarillo - Yellow

Aminga – friend (female)

Amigo – friend (male)

Amor - love

Azul - Blue

Baldo - Bold or Brave

Bebe - Baby

Blanco/a (white)

Bonita – Pretty

Che – Buddy or Dude

Corona - Crown

Grande - Big name for a small dog

Lobo - wolf

Luna - moon

Nina / Nino - Strong

Oso - bear

Pablo - Small

Paloma - dove

Querida - dear one

Rio - river

Rojo - red

Sol - sun

Tonto - silly

Toro - bull

Zorro - fox

Spanish Dog Names Based on Geographic Locations

Brea, (Brea, California) Meaning Tar 

Dorado, (El Dorado) Meaning the Golden One

Fresno (Fresno, California) Meaning Ash Tree

Havana (Havana Cuba)

Joya (La Joya, Texas) Meaning the Jewel

Madrid Capital of Spain

Mesa (Mesa, AZ) Meaning Table

Paso (El Paso, Texas) Meaning the Pass 

Pueblo (Pueblo, Colorado) Meaning Village

La Quinta (Farm)

Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) Meaning the Meadows

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