10 Small Dogs For Busy Students: Keep A Dog With You To Keep Stress At Bay!

Dogs for Busy Students by Meghan Wilmott   Updated 10-18-2022

Students have an active and busy life. They have a lot to catch up that ranges from attending classes, engaging in extracurricular activities, giving time to exercising, and whatnot. College students, in particular, are highly involved in academic work and also a lively life outside their campus. 

It is quite natural to develop a strenuous lifestyle that is busy and active. You cannot deny the fact that with such an occupied life comes stress and other tensions. Whether it is to write my assignment on time or coping with peer pressure, students are often under stress. 

A woman is holding her pet PugSmall Dogs For Busy Students: Keep A Dog With You To Keep Stress At Bay!

There are plenty of ways in which college students can make their lives a lot better to live, and one of the cutest ways is to bring a small dog into their life. Those who already have pet dogs in their home would understand how great it is to have a canine friend.

What Factors To Consider While Selecting Small Breed Dogs For College?

It is essential to encourage the practice of pets in the classroom. College students must show interest in getting their pets in the classroom who can help them in plenty of ways.

The college phase is the most crucial time of a student’s life, and there will be a lot of stress that they would have to go through. That’s where a pet dog will come to rescue. 

There are plenty of things that the best small dog for busy and active students must have. If you are also searching for that ideal small dog, here are a few tips: 

A. More Social

Every dog has a different trait and behavioral habits that make them different. When selecting a small dog for college, you must go for more friendly dogs. There are many fun-loving and jolly small dogs who love hanging out with people. Those are precisely the ones you need to choose so that they can blend in the crowd.

B. Easy To Train

Ending up with a dog who is quite tricky to house train will only increase your job. Hence, it is essential to avoid breeds that are hard to train. Choose the ones who can easily pick up the rules of pooping and peeing by making the work easier for you. 

C. Low Energy Breeds

A college student’s life is extremely hectic and busy; you will hardly find any time to do things outside your schedule. There might be instances that you wouldn’t be able to take your dog out for a walk.

In such a scenario, it is better to go for breeds that are low on energy, so you wouldn’t have to match up with their energy level. It is better not to disappoint an energized dog and instead bring a less active one. 

10 Small Dogs for Busy Students with Active Life Styles 

Small dogs are always the ideal choice for college. Now that you have understood the factors you need to consider before selecting a small dog for college, here are a few small dog choices that you can think about. 

1. Poodles

Red poodle lying in the grassDogs for Busy Students: Poodles

This small furry canine is one of the best breeds for first-time owners. Poodles are loving, affectionate, and smart as well. They love meeting people and hanging out with them, so you can easily bring them to college. Furthermore, poodles have a hypo allergic coat on their body that would not trigger allergies, unlike the other breeds. 

Read about the toy poodle dog breed profile.

2. Pugs

Two fawn-colored PugsGreat choices of dogs for busy students are Pugs

When you think about small dogs, a pug is the first name that comes to the mind. You can fall in love with a pug at first glance. Pugs are playful, friendly, and they can light up your mood anytime. They are the best breed for apartment owners as they are good with housetraining. 

How much do you know about Pugs?

3. Boston Terrier

Smart, friendly Boston Terrier dogs make an ideal companion for a college student.

Yet another adorable breed ideal for college students is Boston Terrier. With his cute little face and gestures, Boston Terrier can soon become the star of your group.

They are smart, friendly, and would not go crazy if you leave them alone. Unlike other breeds, Boston Terriers are tidy dogs who do not drool everywhere. 

Learn what you need to know about the Boston Terrier.

4. Lhasa Apso

A Lhasa Apso is lying in the grass.Dogs for Busy Students: Consider the Lhasa Apso

You will never get enough of the cuteness of Lhasa Apso. Typically, it is a Tibetan breed that was trained as a guard dog for a Tibetan royal family. Their barks can be seriously annoying, but it will help in keeping the threats away. They are loving but a bit shy with strangers until they get along. 

Remember, though, that any dog breed that has long hair like the Lhasa Apso will require considerable grooming.

Discover the Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Profile, here.

5. Pembroke Corgi

When considering dogs for busy students, don't overlook the friendly, loyal Pembrooke Welsh Corgi.

If you are looking for an energetic and adorable dog, Pembroke Corgi is the name for you. They are one of the playful and responsible breeds who can be an ideal company for your college. Pembroke Corgi is always happy and energetic. You would need to make them exercise their body to keep the energy pumping.

Read about the Pembrook Welsh Corgi and similar breed, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

6. Papillon

Two papillon dogs looking in opposite directions.You can't go wrong with Papillon dogs for busy students. Smart as a whip, they may even help you with your studies.

Just like their name, these breeds are the adorable French dogs. They are better recognized with their erect ears. Papillon hair is draped all over their body with long fringes on the ears that look similar to butterfly wings. They are incredibly adaptive and can be considered for the city, suburbs, and countryside. 

Read more about the Papillon Dog Breed

7. Pekingese

White Pekingese resting in the grass.These sweet lap dogs make ideal companions for busy, active students.

If you love dogs, you had a crush on Pekingese once in your life. A Chinese dog with a broad head, wrinkled muzzle, and mane of hair on its neck, Pekingese has a cute appearance. They are fearless and smart, and you can easily home train them and take them to your college. Make sure to follow the exercising routine properly for healthy growth.

Complete Pekingese Dog Breed Profile

8. Bichon Frisé

Bichon Frise running in the grass.The Happy-go-lucky, Bichon Frisé is one of the top dogs for busy students.

Nothing can get more adorable than a Bichon Frisé by your side. It is a non-sporting group of breeds from the US. They look adorable, gullible, and friendly, but they can create serious mischief. So you would need to keep an eye on them. Bichon Frisé looks like a stuff toy animal with a furry body and jet-black eye. 

You can catch the attention of your group by bringing a cute Bichon Frisé to college. They are loving, affectionate, and can be easily trained. Make sure to poop-train them properly, as you would not want to get embarrassed in college. 

Learn about the Bichon Frisé Dog Breed.

9. Bolognese

White BologneseThe Bolognese, though still, a rare breed would make an excellent choice as a dog for busy students.

A small dog breed originating in Italy, Bolognese, or Bologna is a great canine companion for college. They make great house pets, and all they need is your affection and attention. Unlike other canines, Bolognese dogs get easily mingled with other dogs as well. 

They love human company, so you can take them to college without worrying if they will get along. They are calm, faithful, loving, and everything that you would look for in a small dog for college. 

Read about the Bolognese Complete Dog Breed Profile

10. Pomeranian

Red and White PomeranianRed and White Pomeranian

Last but not least is the popular small dog breed that anyone would like to pet, i.e., Pomeranian. It is named after the Pomeranian region of northwest Poland. Pomeranian is often classified as the toy dog due to its small size.

They are a long-living small breed dog that is ideal for a family. Pomeranian is exceptionally loving, and they would need your attention always. They can be easily trained at home, and you just need to be very patient with them as they are good at throwing tantrums as well.

Read more about the Pomeranian Dog Breed Profile

Why Keeping A Pet Dog Is Beneficial For Students With Busy Life?

Dogs love their human companion without any terms and conditions, and what they ask in return is just your unconditional love. Having a pet dog around has got plenty of benefits as well that you need to understand. It is not only cuddly love you receive; there are plenty of other perks that you can enjoy after having a pet dog. 

Most of you would think that petting a dog amidst the busy student life would be the last thing you would want to do, but a canine friend by your side can bring a significant difference in your lifestyle.

Dogs are a great companion for students who have a speedy life. And did you know that dogs with their love are an excellent stress buster as well? Yes, indeed, dogs can help you relieve your stress and feel a peaceful balance in your emotions. No matter what's going in your life, your dog can bring you a ray of hope and happiness. Hence, it is essential to understand the perks of having dogs for busy students.

When it comes to college students, having a pet around the home can help them grow and teach some life lessons as well. It is essential to understand that your pet dog can play a vital role in your personal growth.

During your college years, you will go through plenty of changes in your mental being, and having a pet can be relieving and useful in many ways. 

Here are a few benefits of keeping a small dog during your college life

A. Dogs Provide Unconditional Love

As mentioned earlier, your dog can teach many life lessons, and unconditional love is one of them. Pets are non-judgemental, especially towards their owners.

So, when you are around pet dogs, you will learn to love unconditionally, just like your furry friend.

Walking beside you wagging their tail every time you see them, your canine friend is the perfect example of showing selfless love.

B. Dogs for Busy Students Help with Controlling Anger

You would hardly see any dog being angry about anything. Of course, they will throw a tantrum, but anger would be the last thing they would do. Your college life can be stressful, that would lead you to become short-tempered at times.

Keeping dogs beside you is the best way to learn that anger is not a solution to anything. Pet dogs can help in providing confidence, empathy, and reduce the chances of being angry. 

C. Dogs can Teach Responsibility

Taking care of pet dogs is undoubtedly a great responsibility. You would need to understand your dog’s needs. In the long run, you will start having a sense of responsibility in everything you do. What’s a more fun way to learn the life lesson of responsibility than by taking care of a dog?

D. Dogs for Busy Students are Extremely Helpful in Socializing with Others

You would not want to grow into an introvert. Your dog might be a great help to kindle your social skills. Your dog can become a great exercising partner, and you can go out with your furry friend for exercising by ditching the gym. Your dog can also help you mingle with other people and socialize in a better way.

E. Medical Benefits

One of the significant reasons why pet dogs should be kept close, especially when you have a stressful life is the medical benefits they provide. There are many therapeutic benefits that your dog can contribute to.

Studies have proven that dogs can help in speedy recovery from injuries, lower blood pressure, and, most importantly, they can reduce stress and anxiety.

Even psychologists use dogs as a part of therapies for PTSD (post-traumatic disorders). Autistic children have shown significant improvement in their condition after having a pet around.

How Can Students Benefit From Dogs?

It is quite evident that when academic life kicks in, there are plenty of things that go into a student's mind. Exceling in studies, making friends, studying for exams, reducing academic stress, writing assignments, and safeguarding their interest from bullies, are among the list.

A student’s life can be stressful, and it is essential to find a way to cope with stress and anxiety. As mentioned earlier, dogs can help in shaping your life in a better way, and therefore, you can always think about getting a dog.

"Pets in the Classroom" has become an everyday norm after the program was launched in 2011. According to a study, more than 167,000 classes across the world were able to bring "pet in the classroom" into action.

The pet care trust of the region provides teachers with financial assistance to care for small dogs in the classroom. This initiative has so far helped around 6.6 million students who were struggling with issues in their mental behavior and academics.

Positive Impact Of Small Dogs in Students’ Life:

  • American Humane Study says that teachers having classroom pets have witnessed a significant difference in their students’ overall performance, including social skills, empathy, engagement, confidence, self-control, stress management, etc. 
  • It is quite evident that dogs bring positive changes in a student’s life. Hence, it is vital to encourage the initiative even more. 
  • Parents of students with classroom pets had overwhelming responses regarding the initiative. They said that their children have been going through a lot of changes that are meant for their betterment. 
  • Not just school students, even college students, have engaged in the initiative of classroom pets and brought small dogs to their classroom. 

Dogs for Busy Students:  The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt in asserting that small breed dogs can help students in different ways. From managing stress to being more social, pet dogs can be of great help. 

With the vast popularity of pets in the classroom, students can acquire the love and support of their pets even when they study. The above mentioned was a complete guide of having a pet during your student life. 

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