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Top Ten Reasons to Love Little Dogs

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated April 29, 2019

You either love little dogs or you don’t.  If you don’t, you can find or imagine plenty of reasons to dislike them some fall within the realm of urban myths and others have a ring of true to them. 

But if you love these tiny dogs, anything but a tiny, toy, or small dog just won't do. 

Other than their size, there is a great variation within the breeds on this site.  Some are toys, terriers, hounds, and even herding dogs.  But they all have one thing in common:  They are all small and manageable.

Why do so many people love little dogs?  We started asking and here are the top ten reasons people gave for loving their mini dog, whether it was a purebred, hybrid, or a well shall we say mutt?

A group of five small breed dogs:  Silky Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, and Brussels GriffonWhat's Not to Love About Little Dogs?

Ten Reasons Why People Love Little Dogs

So, if you're still on the edge about small dogs, let me give you some real reasons why people prefer small dogs over medium or large breed dogs.

#1 Little Dogs are, Well Little

Their small size makes them portable, easy to travel with and easy to transport to the vet, the groomers, or the doggie day care center.

For people downsizing or just preferring to live with less, a small dog is perfect.  You can pick them up, carry them in a purse or carrier or just take a leisurely walk knowing that you won't have 60 pounds of weight pulling you along.

#2 Does Cuteness Count?

cute small breed puppy looking at the camera.

Who can resist that face?  They are so darn cute.  When you see a dog for the first time, what is the first thing you notice? Chances are it's not the tail or the paw unless those body parts stand out as being unusual.  

It's the head, the eyes, the ears and certainly the tongue if the dog likes giving kisses.

#3 Cleanup is a Breeze

People who love small dogs don't enjoy the size of a Great Dane Poop pile.  Let's face it, clean up is going to be much easier with small dogs and disposing of their wastes will not cause undue stress for the local sewer district or trash disposal service. 

If you have a garden or yard, where they can defecate, their poop just seems to dissolve into the grass, sometimes making it rather hard to clean up after them.

#4 The Well-Dressed Small Dog

Doggie clothes, doggie jewelry, hair bows, and doggie accessories—so many ways to spend your money.  Who can resist the temptation to join the canine couture?

Many people who purchase small dogs dream of dressing them up for all occasions. From cool summer dresses, to bunny ears at Easter to clever Halloween Costumes, dressing up a small dog is just plain easier than wrestling a 60 pound dog into a Santa Suit.

#5 The Ultimate Foot/Lap Warmer

A small puppy is resting next to the foot of a young woman.

There couldn't be a better way to warm your lap or cold toes than a 6 pound dog who loves to cuddle.  Yes, large dogs can do this too, but who wants a 75 pound dog sitting on your lap.

Who needs heavy blankets when you share your bed with the ultimate foot warmer? Might I add that such a cozy warm body on a cold winter night might actually help you save on your heating bill?

#6 Little Dogs Mean Less Expense

A small puppy is looking for more food from an empty dish.

Your grocery bill will be small; one small bag of kibble lasts for weeks to months.  Just a quick food calculation might make you think twice about getting a large breed dog.

If you plan to purchase kibble for your dog, estimate about 4 cups in every pound. A 30-pound bag will yield you 120 cups.  Now, if you are serving about 3/4 cup per day, that six pound bag will feed your dog for 160 days.  That's almost 6 months worth of food.  

If that bag of food costs you $45.00, that's only $0.28 per day!

Compare that with a 100 pound dog, that same bag will last you a month at a cost of 1.50.  This is an example of a moderately priced dog food.  If you go with a premium, it is going to be much more.

#7 Many Small Breed Dogs Know How to Be Companions - They've been doing it for 1000s of years.

A young woman and her companion chihuahua

Many pint sized dogs have been bred for thousands of years for one purpose, and one purpose only, to be your companion and your friend

They won’t mind how boring you are or how dull your life might seem.  They are content to sit on your lap or lie by your feet and watch the world go by.  That is their sole purpose in life and they love what they do.

#8 Many Don't Require Much Exercise

A young woman is walking her small dog down a dirt path.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder, great athlete, or marathon runner to pick them up and exercise them.  They are lightweight, easy to manage, and many don't require much exercise. 

Exercise needs vary with breeds, so before you choose your small breed dog, determine how much time you will need to devote to exercise.

#9 Good Choice for First Time Owner

A girl is holding a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Due to their size, most small breed dogs are fine for first time dog owners.  While we can't generalize across all breeds, even strong willed small dogs are easier to handle than their larger cousins. 

For novices who have never trained or managed a dog before, a small dog may allow you to gain confidence in your abilities as you learn all the ins and outs of training canines.

#10 Small Dogs are Smarter Than You Think

Large working dogs tend to get the most credit for being smart, but there's more than one type of smart.  Dr. Jan Pol, the reality-show vet that stars in The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild, told AARP reporter, Susan King,

"The Longer I work with Animals, the Smarter They Get."

Most small dog owners will report at least one, but most report many instances of their dog's uncanny intelligence. From identifying different types of toys to knowing the second you pull into your driveway, dogs surprise us all the time.

Do small dogs read minds?  When they stare into your eyes, it seems like they see straight through to your soul.  What better friend could you ask for?

Do You Love Little Dogs?

Female Yorkshire Terrier Dressed in Pink

Use the form below to tell us why you love these dogs.  Is it their size, their personality, their economic nature, or is it something else.  Please feel free to add some pictures too. We love hearing from you and thank you for sharing.

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