Dog Bed Sheets:  An Unbiased Review of PawSheets® Dog Bed Covers


Dog Bed Sheets     by Janice Jones     |Updated 04-08-2021

How often do you launder your dog beds?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Never?  Even the cleanest dog breeds get dirty, and often all that dirt, dust, and grime end up on the dog bed. Also, if you have a problem with fleas, dog beds are the favorite place for fleas to lay eggs.  Once they procreate, the chances of eliminating the flea infestations in your home become even more challenging.

A gold and white Shih Tzu is lying on a dog bed covered with a sheetDog Bed Sheets: An Unbiased Review of PawSheets® Dog Bed Covers

Sometimes dark colored dog beds don’t show the dirt so you may be fooled into believing the bed is clean.  Try wrapping a white sheet around your dog’s bed for a couple of days and see just how dirty they can get.

Now, even if your dog bed doesn’t have a removable cover, you can still clean the dog bed. Still, it can be time-consuming, and dog beds are not made to withstand repeated machine washings. Less expensive dog beds loose their shape and the material used to stuff the beds become lumpy and uncomfortable for the dog. Some dog beds will clog the spin cycle making it difficult to finish the washing cycle.

Luckily, extra-small and small size beds can fit in most home washers. Regardless, if you have a medium-size or larger bed, you might find yourself visiting the commercial laundromat frequently to use their extra-large front-loading  machines.

Solutions to Dirty Dog Beds

It got to the point where I hated doing laundry, not my own, but that of my dogs.  It seemed like I was putting in one or two loads of blankets, beds, pads, and towels at least daily.  Of course, I have more dogs than the average person, (12 to be exact), but even with one or two small dogs, keeping them clean and tidy requires extra laundry time.

I tried a variety of ways to keep beds clean, but I was not as successful as I had hoped.  I would cover them in a blanket that should have worked, but my dogs like to redecorate, so the blankets ended up on the floor. 

I tried stuffing them in a pillowcase, but then the shape of the bed was curved, and the dogs wouldn’t sleep on it.  I tried spraying with products such as Febrezewhich made them smell nice but didn’t clean them.  The same is true of spraying them with a disinfectant – they were disinfected but not clean.  To make matters worse, I wasn’t convinced that applying a disinfectant spray was safe or healthy for a dog’s skin.

Dog Bed Sheets

Then, I stumbled upon a product that made my life easier - PawSheets®.

Such a simple design, I wondered why I had not thought of it myself.  These are actual bed sheets very similar to the fitted sheets you use on your own mattress.  They are shaped similarly and have elastic all around the opening making them easy for you to put on and take off. 

Just like dog bed sizes vary based on the size of your dog, these sheets come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Best of all, they are made of soft cotton and polyester, making them a favorite among my dogs for sleeping. 

The elastic holds them securely on the bed, so I don’t have to worry about dogs pulling them off and mistaking them for pee pads! Even better, these sheets don’t have buttons, zippers or cords that a dog could pull or chew on. It would seem even very young puppies find them comfortable.

Four week old puppies are asleep on a dog bedEven tiny puppies seem to like lying on dog bed sheets

So, the dogs loved them, but what about people?  I can tell you what I love about them.

Dog Bed Sheets - PawSheets® Pros and Cons


  • They are easy to put on and take off
  • They keep the bed clean and more hygienic
  • They are very easy to launder and don’t retain the dog hair that you find on beds that you have washed
  • They fit the various sizes of dog beds comfortably
  • There is extra fabric on the sheet no matter what size you choose, making it easy to keep the shape of the dog bed for extra comfort
  • You may be able to match the color of paw sheets to your home décor.
  • Both the fabric and the manufacturing is done in the U.S.A.


  • If you have a large number of dogs, it may get costly as you will want to keep at least two sheets for every bed (one to use and one to launder)
  • You need to measure your dog bed accurately, so you order the correct size, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have a tape measure

Before ordering PawSheets®, you will want to measure your bed accurately.

How to Measure Your Dog's Bed

A woman is measuring a dog bed with bolsters on all four sides
A woman is holding a measuring take over a dog bedMeasure from the floor, up, over, and down the bolster, if it has one, across the bed, and then repeat for the bolster on the other side.

Dog beds come in different shapes and thicknesses, so to assure you order the correct size, you will need a tape measure such as those for sewing projects.  Lay the bed on a flat surface and begin to measure from the floor, up, over, and down the bolster, if it has one, across the bed, and then repeat for the bolster on the other side.

For flatbeds, measure from the floor across the top of the bed and then down to the floor.  You can use pillows too, and they would be measured similarly.

If you are confused about measuring, PawSheets offers some quick tips.  Take the outside measurements and the height of the bed from the floor to the top of the bolster.  Multiply those three measurements and then compare them to the information provided on this page.  It’s really not that hard and definitely not rocket science.  Here a quick tip sheet I found on the PawSheets® Website

A medium PawSheet is 36” x 27” x 6”, the total is 5,832 cubic inches.

A large PawSheet is 50” x 36” x 6”, totaling is 10,800 cubic inches.

If a dog bed measures 34” x 24” x 6”, the total is 4,896 cubic inches. Medium would fit.

If a dog bed measures 34” x 24” x 8”, the total is 6,528 cubic inches. Large would fit.

Their slim line bed sheets are perfect for beds measuring 2 to 4 inches thick.  


For best results, shake them out and then simply throw your PawSheet into the washer with other similar clothing on the regular wash cycle. Some fabrics are notorious for holding onto dog hair, so you will want to avoid washing your PawSheets® with these types of materials.  

If you are anxious about disinfecting, you might want to add some laundry additive, such as Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost Still, under normal circumstances, it isn’t necessary. 

Simply adding a little white vinegar and/or baking soda will work equally well. 

I recommend that you wash your PawSheets® once per week.

Can Cats Use these Dog Bed Sheets?

It would seem that cats love the feel of these sheets.  Here’s my American Long Hair cat resting in a place where she doesn’t have to share the bed with a dog.

An American Long-Haired Cat is laying on a bed atop a scratching post

Last Words About Dog Bed Sheets

As most of you know, I do very few sponsored posts but when I find a product that I think will help your small dog or make your own life easier, I do like to let you know about it. PawSheets® is an ASPCA Guardian member.

For more information, pricing and ordering instruction visit PawSheets at


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