PetLibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain Review and Recommendations

Pet Water Fountain Review   by Janice Jones   09-08-2021

Did you know that dogs can taste water?  A dog’s sense of taste is not nearly as refined as ours. Still, one unique characteristic that dogs have (and cats too) is taste buds at the end of their tongue capable of tasting water.

With this knowledge in mind, it’s not easy to give our furbabies a bowl of water and hope they like the taste well enough to stay hydrated. AND, just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated to stay healthy.

A young Shih Tzu dog is drinking from an automatic pet water fountain.Pet Water Fountain Review

As a long-time dog owner, I have seen my dogs walk up to a bowl of water and sniff it before dipping their tongue into the water.  I often wondered if they sniffed something that might be a bit disagreeable to them. 

Naturally, without words, dogs can only communicate through their body language.  A dog that walks up to a bowl of water, sniffs, and walks away says volumes about what they think of the water.

By providing purified water, you can ensure that most of the imperfections present in tap water are filtered out.  But some of us have more than one dog, and purchasing purified spring water may not be in our current budget.  Still, we want to provide the best for our dogs.  Is there an alternative to expensive store-bought, distilled, or purified spring water that needs to be changed several times a day?

I think I’ve found it.

Pet Libro has come out with a tranquil water fountain designed especially for dogs and cats that like fresh cool, clean water every time they get thirsty.  

Automatic Pet Water Fountain Review

An ordinary dog bowl filled with water may provide clean freshwater for the first drink of the day. Still, many dogs tend to put their entire face in the water, immediately contaminating the water and adding any dirt and food particles that might be clinging to their face. 

This is particularly true of brachycephalic and long-haired dog breeds. To ensure fresh water each time our dogs get thirsty would require us to dump out the old water, wash and disinfect the dog bowl and fill it with fresh water.

Who has time to do that?

A self-contained system that works by pumping water continually through a filter is the answer we were looking for.  The Pet Libro Water Fountain, with its 2.1-liter reservoir, means that the average pet household can offer fresh filtered water throughout the day without worrying about contamination.  

The system works with a USB cord that connects to a power source.  The company advertises that their fountain is super quiet, at a sound that is ≤28dB, less than the sound of breathing. 

When the room where I placed the fountain is quiet, I can hear the gentle gurgling of the fountain that is barely audible but loud enough that I know it is working correctly.  It’s actually a very relaxing sound, like the gentle babbling of a far-off meandering brook. 

This fountain will provide an ambiance that perhaps the manufacturer didn’t anticipate for anyone who enjoys nature sounds.

What is the Petlibro Capsule Automatic Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain?

This system employs an ion exchange resin and coconut shell activated carbon filter to purify water and keep it clean and safe so your pet does not contract bacteria or other contaminants that might lead to illness.  

It’s lightweight and the perfect size for a small dog or cat.  Dimensions are 225×141.5×140mm / 8.9×5.6×5.5 inch.  An average small dog neither needs to stretch his neck nor bend over to reach the stream of continually running water.

What I liked about the fountain

  • It’s quiet yet audible enough to remind pets that it might be time for a cool refreshing drink.
  • It keeps the water sparkling clean without me needing to change the water several times a day.  I replenish the water when it’s low and clean it out every couple of weeks.  
  • Maintenance is easy and quick
  • My cat loves the sound of the water and is fascinated by the bubbling fountain.  It keeps her entertained for hours.
  • My dogs enjoy drinking out of it; even an 8-week old puppy tried the fountain.

What I like about the company

  • Shipping is free to everywhere in the U.S., and products can be shipped to Japan, Canada, and Germany from sources within those countries
  • If you need help, they are available to answer your questions via email at

What I think needs a slight improvement

The Instruction booklet 

For anyone without perfect vision, the accompanying instruction booklet’s font size is too small to read.  If I had to guess, the font size was a 4. 

You are reading this webpage at a font size of 20.  Luckily, the folks at PetLibro provide the instructions online, which can be downloaded and printed if you like.

The Instructions

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who like to jump in and just set up a new device with little or no instructions.  I would not call this system highly intuitive.  You do need to read the directions.


The filters are excellent at cleaning out contaminants, but the unit only comes with one filter.  I highly recommend that you order a package of filters at the same time you order your unit.  

Pet Water Fountain Review:  Pin for Future Reference

Pet Libro Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Bottom Line

This is a great little unit at a very affordable price.  Your cat or dogs will enjoy the taste of clean water because when they sniff the water, they will know it is fresh and pure.  For more information on this and other products by PetLibro, be sure to visit their official website.


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